• NHIC Antonoil Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd

    We are in the lead drilling tool manufacturer China. Our main products include drill collar, HWDP, spiral stabilizer, sub, Kelly etc. can also supply pipe, casing best price.Contact person: Rong wei E-mail: rongwei2009 at ...

    Address:Binggong Road, Qingshan District Baotou, NeimengguzizhiquBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Baotou Kaisheng Industrial and Trading Co.,Ltd

    Our company is located in the hometown of rare earth---BaoTou city innermongolia. At same time, innermongolia one main district where produce earth alloy and ferro alloys. As export import agent Re alloys alloy, we have good relation ...


  • Feng Zhen Tian Bao Stone Co.,Ltd

    Our company is FENGZHEN TIANBAO STONE CO.,LTD.We come from China, and we mainly provide all kinds of black granite such as Fengzhen Black, ShanxiBlack. pledge to you stay responsive your needs, maintain product quality well above ...

    Address:MATERIAL A STREET ROAD NORTH GENG ZHEN, NeimengguzizhiquBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Neimenggu Jinfan Industrail Co/.Ltd.

    Neimenggu Jinfan industrial Co.,Ltd.It is a tomato sauce and other products specializing in the production processing of limited liability company. Our company,with fixed assets RMB12 million, covers 60,000 square meters. We have ...

    Address:linhe Huhehaote, NeimengguzizhiquBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Baotou TIANLONG Permanent Magnet Generator Factory

      The enterprise is established in science and technology innovation we actively participate national new energy projects to tackle key problems have made great success. In 2003, cooperated with Inner Mongolia Qiyuan Ltd. ...

    Address:#13, northeast section of Tiexihaode trade square, Donghe district, Inner Mongolia Baotou, NeimengguzizhiquBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Inner Mongolia Rare Earth Ovonic High Power MH/Ni Battery Co., Ltd

    Inner Mongolia Rare earth Ovonic MH-Ni High-Power Battery Co. Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Baotou-Steel Earth High-Tech Co.Ltd., which the largest battery professional manufacturer with best product performance and most ...

    Address:Qing Gong South Road Baotou Rare-Earth New and High Technology Industrial Development Zone Baotou, NeimengguzizhiquBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Inner Mongolia General Elevator Co.Ltd

    Inner Mongolia General Elevator Company Co., Ltd is a professional Chinese manufacturer & exporter of elevators, escalators and relative components, which combining sales, installation, maintenance, engineering, R&D ...

    Address:Hongsheng Hi-tech Park Huhehaote, NeimengguzizhiquBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Bao Tou Langjie Trading Co.,Ltd.

    Baotou Langjie Trading CO.,LTD., founded in 1989, instead of corporate system the end 1996. In June 2006 , established Metal CO., LTD.. is only company by world's leading segregation method technology product high purity aluminum, tin ...

    Address:Qingshan District,Wen Hua Road 789  Baotou, NeimengguzizhiquBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Sky Choice Corporation Limited

    Our company is located in the beautiful and rich grasslands city of wulanchabu city. The adjacent 208 national state highway 110, geographical position superior, transportation very convenient. was founded 2003, there 12500KVA ...

    Address:NO.189竊�ENMIN ROAD Wulanhaote Wulanhaote, NeimengguzizhiquBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Hohhot Jiuhuan Chemical Imp&Exp Co., Ltd.

    sodium hexametaphosphate white powder, it has food-grade and industrial gradeChemical formula: (NaPO3)6molecular weight: 611.82white density 2.484(20); soluble in water but insolubel organic solvent, got strong ...

    Address:xinya zonghe building,zhaojun road,yuquan district,hohhot city ,china Huhehaote, NeimengguzizhiquBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Inner Mongolia Zhongyi Machinery Equipment Co., LTD

    Its was Zhongcheng Group Inner Mongolia wholly-owned subsidiary, established in 1985, the business scope is all parts for Bulldozers, loaders, excavators, generators, and necessary accessories, more than 30 machine models 10000 ...

    Address:500m G110, Qingshan District Baotou, NeimengguzizhiquBusiness type:Agent

  • Erdos Co.

    Erdos was set up in 1979 and legally registered 2002. The core business,textiles products,chemical metallurgy products with sales volume of more than USD18 million. Inner Mongolia Group is one China's TOP 500 total asset USD7Billion ...

    Address:Ordos Dongsheng Hantai town Baotou, NeimengguzizhiquBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • China Jiason

    Detailed introduction to buckwheat:Dear sirs!Our company can supply lots of buckwheats on condition CIF or FOB and will inform price on CIF or FOB according to your inquiry.Best RegardsMr. Handy.

    Address:Songshan zone,Chifeng Balinzuoqi, NeimengguzizhiquBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Bayannaoer City Chentai Industrial & Trade Co.,Ltd

    Our company is a manufacturer located in Inner Mongolia China.We supply series of sunflower seeds, including American type 5009, 1121, 909,oli and kernels. We can produce 50 metric tons everyday. welcome customers from all over the ...

    Address:Langshan Town, Linhe District Huhehaote, NeimengguzizhiquBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Xinghe County Muzi Carbon Co,Lid,China

    XINGHE COUNTY MUZI CARBON CO,LID,CHINA we are the professional graphite product factory .Mainly manufactures anode plate,the electrode,fine grain , many kinds of rods, RP Graphite Electrode ��mpregnating ��ative ...

    Address:Backriver Industrialpark XingHe County Inner Mongolia of china Huhehaote, NeimengguzizhiquBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Home Appliance Co., Ltd.

    home appliance dealer home appliance dealer home appliance dealer home appliance dealer home home appliance dealer home appliance dealer

    Address:Room A319, Huhehaote, Neimenggu, China Huhehaote, NeimengguzizhiquBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Chifeng Yangming Trade Co.,Ltd

    We are in China's Inner Mongolia Chifeng City professional processing of agricultural products company, we have all kinds kidney beans exports to South Korea and history, find through the network your wish opportunities cooperate, if ...

    Address:CHIFENG City in Inner Mongolia HONGSHAN Pine Island Area 10-532, CHIFENG, Nei Mongol, China Balinzuoqi, NeimengguzizhiquBusiness type:Trading Company

  • Joint Cast CO,Limited

    We are traditional manufacturer of casting , special in cast iron enameled fireplace Inner Mongolia China, as you know the resource is abundance here, body fireplace, then covering rare earth flexible enamel on surface differ from ...

    Address:DONG HE district baotou city  Baotou, NeimengguzizhiquBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Shanghai Jinpu Indystry Co.,Ltd

    Inner Mongolia Snow Ceramic raw materials Co.LtdAbout us Co.Ltd is located at rare Earth startup hubs, Baotou,Inner Mongolia.Profiting from the good nature resources ,our company forms a large domestic trading specialized in mining ...

    Address:Wanda mall 415 Baotou, NeimengguzizhiquBusiness type:Trading Company

  • My China Co ., Ltd.

    Our Company importing All king of Metall scrabs and Used rails 300000-900000 ton/month. We would resale your products in all over China.My mail: taivan60yahoo.com

    Address:Qianjin Street, Shen Tong Market, Bldg. 4 Erlianhaote, NeimengguzizhiquBusiness type:Buying Office

  • Tongliao Huaxin Chemical Co., Ltd.

    Tongliao Huaxin Chemical co., ltd.our company, is a major manufacturer and exporter of Aroma Oil & Fragrance in the global. Our strong product Watermelon Ketone , enjoys good reputation Europe, North America, Japan Hong Kong. our ...

    Address:naimanqi Tongliao, NeimengguzizhiquBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Erdos Xinhua Silicon Metal Industry Co., Ltd.

    calcium caribide Quality Standard: GB10665-2004Paking: in new iron drum of 100kg net each sealed with nitrogen.size:25-50/50-80/70-100mmUsage: As raw material acetylene, industrial gas, lime nitrogen and desulfurizer steel ...

    Address:Qipanjing Industrial Zone, Erdos Zhungeerqi, NeimengguzizhiquBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Inner Mongolia Likang Bio-tech Co.,Ltd.

    American LINKWELL Limited Company is a listed one in NASDAQ. As Inner Mongolia Likang Bio-tech Co., Ltd., we are the base of its production and ECOLAB our shareholders.We leading company with many years��experience manufacturing ...

    Address:Wuda Industrial Park Huhehaote, NeimengguzizhiquBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Inner Mongolia Weiyi Chemical Co.

    1.Molecular formula:CaC2 2.Gas yield 295L/KG 3.Packing: 100Kgs/New Drum 22.5MT/20'FCL 4.Size:25-50mm/50-80mm 5.CAS:75-20-7 6.Class:4.3 7.Payment:T/T or L/C

    Address:No.25, South Street of Geological Bureau , Saihan District Huhehaote, NeimengguzizhiquBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • GD Midea Holding Co.,Ltd.

    goods From the March 4 issue of international Business Daily we have learned you are in market for chinaware, which just falls within our business scope. We now writing to establish long-term trade relations. ...

    Address:goods Erlianhaote, NeimengguzizhiquBusiness type:Buying Office

  • Jinnong CHemical Products.,LTD

    Hohhot Jinnong Chemical Products Co.,LTD, founded in 1991,has the advanced technological level domestic chemical industry . Our products have been exported to many counties, such as USA.UNION、Lanxess Chemistry Company German. ...

    Address:5-409#,electric power research institute,north road of water par (010000) Huhehaote, NeimengguzizhiquBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • China Inner-mogolia JZ Cashmere Products.Co.Ltd

    We are factory socializing in the manufacture and export of cashmere/wool Shawls, Wraps, Stoles Scarves for over ten years. have profuse designs with series quality grade, expressly, our price is very competitive amazing ...

    Address:Yulong industry park B2 block 5# Huhehaote, NeimengguzizhiquBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Tongliao Xinghe Chemical Co., Ltd

    We are one Chinese company. we can supply Sebacic Acid,castor oil. 12-hydroxy stearic acid(12-HSA), castor meal, disodium sebacate and so on.any require welcome contact us.thank youRegardsZhang tianying ...

    Address:mingren Tongliao, NeimengguzizhiquBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Broadtech Chemical Int'l Co.,Ltd.

    FOOD GRADE CHEMICALS1) Ammonium Bicarbonate Food Grade 99.5%Min,2) Sodium 99%Min,3) Metabisulphite 97%Min ,4) Benzoate BP98,5) Citric Acid Mono/Anh BP98,6) Corn Starch Grade,7) Dextrose Monhydrate BP98,8) Glucose Liquid ...

    Address:10/f,xuefukangdu A Huhehaote, NeimengguzizhiquBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Wengniute Banner Zichen Greenfood Co.,Ltd

    ZICHEN GREEN FOOD COMPANY is one of the biggest companies in CHINA.Locvated WUDAN TOWN CHIFENG CITY INNER MONGOLIA CHINA.We mainly manage products BUCKWHEAT .We have trading bussiness angriculture for about 10years .Our been export ...

    Address:wengniute bannner chifeng city innermongolia china Balinzuoqi, NeimengguzizhiquBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Chifeng Haobang Company

    good quality ,fast shipment ,low price ,professional trading service .we also have our own factory .I'm Miss Yan Ding ,I represent Chifeng Haobang Trading Co., Ltd .We mainly export beans and some other grains from city ,Inner mongolia ...

    Address:xincheng district ,chifeng city ,inner mongolia ,China Baotou, NeimengguzizhiquBusiness type:Trading Company

  • LUSHENGDA Industry&Trade Company

    Painted galvanized steel coils( PPGI) 1)thickness of PPGI :0.15-1.2mm 2)normal widthof :800mm--1250mm 3)Matirial :CGCC 4)Zinc coating PPGI:Z80/Z100/Z120/Z150/Z180/Z200 5)color PPGI:while/blue/red/yellow/green and the ...

    Address:steel street ,baotou china Baotou, NeimengguzizhiquBusiness type:Buying Office

  • Inner Mongolia Deluke Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd.

    Inner Mongolia Deluke Import And Export Trade Co., Ltd, registered in 2015, with 10 million yuan capital is an import and export trading company which approved by the competent authorities of state. The mainly engaged goods from Eastern ...

    Address:hongshan district Balinzuoqi, NeimengguzizhiquBusiness type:Trading Company

  • Hailar Maifulao Co., Ltd.

    Hailar Maifulao Co., Ltd, the first company specialized in producing potato flakes Asia, has a total investment of RMB 180 million. We imported whole production line and technology with an annual output 16,000 tons flakes.With more ...

    Address:No. 88 Maifulao Road, Hailar District Manzhouli, NeimengguzizhiquBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Inner Mongolia Mengxi Kaolin Co.,Ltd

    Our products are well known for their ultra-fine particle size and stable quality. They can be used in many fields including papermaking, paint production, rubber plastics, medicine packing, printing ink production cable ...

    Address:Mengxi Hi-Tech Industrial Park, Erdos City Zhungeerqi, NeimengguzizhiquBusiness type:Manufacturer