• Ningxia Yiheng International Co., Ltd

    Ningxia Yiheng International Trade Co., Ltd is an export-oriented enterprise that integrated development, manufature and foreign sale. Our company's products are maily about microsilica, carbon addictive, activated carbor ...

    Address:3#5th zhushi alley Xingqing District Yinchuan, Ningxia Yinchuan, NingxiahuizuzizhiquBusiness type:Trading Company

  • China Jingyi Tibet Lamb Fur Co.,Ltd

    NingXia WuZhong JingYi Fur-Product Co, Ltd is one of the competitive fur-export enterprises, which specializes in tibet lambs skin products. We are also ten biggest enterprises provide muslim products WuZhong. The main our company as ...

    Address:Industrial Area,MingZhu East Road,WuZhong City,NingXia,P.R.China Wuzhong, NingxiahuizuzizhiquBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Ningxia Helesi International Trading Company

    Ningxia Helesi International Trading Company, located in the Development Zone of Yinchuan, is a company that focus on international trading and business service. Currently we mainly provide halal food, especially tomato ketchup. As ...

    Address:Zhongyuan Building Yinchuan, NingxiahuizuzizhiquBusiness type:Trading Company

  • Nagel & Goller Medical Equipment Co., Ltd

    Our products of diagnostic applications and industry, include rotating stationary anode, high low speed X-Ray tubes, offering replacement tubes into OEM housings Siemens, Comet, Philips other. ...

    Address:Factory Building 3#, High and New Technology Industrial district, Yinchuan, China Yinchuan, NingxiahuizuzizhiquBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Ansun Bioengineering Co.,Ltd.

    Founded in March 2003, Ansun Bioengineering Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specialized fermentation. Its headquarter and manufacturing site located Wuzhong, Ningxia Province, the northwest of China. The sales department ...

    Address:No.14,West Street,Jinji Town Wuzhong, NingxiahuizuzizhiquBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Imperial Jade Bio-Technology Co., Ltd.

    Enzyme is protein generated by living cells and with biological accelerating effects. It has strong prompting power to chemical response. During its response, the physical conditions are simple, ordinary temperature, ... Read more ...

    Address:haunghe street Yinchuan, NingxiahuizuzizhiquBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Yinchuan YILUKAYI Science & Technology Co., Ltd

    YILUKAYI is specially designed to lower risk of DVT. It fits use for the foot swelling during long distance air travel. stimulates bottom feet make you more comfortable. also can be used as an useful exercise device pregnant and those men ...

    Address:8-2-203Room Die cui yuan Wencui Road Xixia Yinchuan Yinchuan, NingxiahuizuzizhiquBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Ningxia Love Goji Biotechnology Development Company

    Ningxia Love Goji Biotechnology Development Company was a manufacturer of gojiberry.It production series manufacture,such as Organic Berries,Goji Juice,Goji Powder,Goji Honey and Tea.Our manufacture sale to other ...

    Address:Building 11, East Street, Shikong Town, Zhongning County,  Yinchuan, NingxiahuizuzizhiquBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Panashiba Mega Store Hong Kong

    Panashiba Mega Store. . Bringing People & Technology Together,the best in electronics, computers and more directly to you, from a company you can trust. From our stores Downtown New York City, J R has been providing customers with ...

    Address:29 Shung Shan Towour  Zhongwei, NingxiahuizuzizhiquBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Rainy

    seamless stainless steel pipe ...

    Address:room33 street 89 Yinchuan, NingxiahuizuzizhiquBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Ningxia Wolfberry Biological Food Engineering Co., Ltd

    Ningxia Wolfberry Biological Food Engineering Co Ltd is a leading professional manufacturer focusing on various types of Goji, Juice Of Organic Goji Seed Oil, Freeze Dry Full Powder, Polysaccharide.We insure you that we will be good ...

    Address:Wei 18 road, Jing 5 Road Southwest of High-Tech, Development Zone, Yinchuan city, Ningxia, P.R .Chin Yinchuan, NingxiahuizuzizhiquBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Haitong Carbon Limited

    Shijuishan city, the place where our factory located, is famous as home to ?Taxi coal?. Taxi coal?, which known king of coal, enjoying properties low Sulfur, phosphorus, ash, high chemical activity, mechanical strength, calorific ...

    Address:Chonggang Industry Zone, Pinluo, Ningxia, China. Shizuishan, NingxiahuizuzizhiquBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Ningxia Zhengyang T/E Corp

    our company is specialized producer and expoter in AD&FD vegetables .the main products we can supply are mushroom spinach, carrot, red/green bell pepper, cauliflower, onion, chive,etc.

    Address:Qinghe north street 30#  Yinchuan, NingxiahuizuzizhiquBusiness type:Trading Company

  • Ningxia Dade Trading Co.,Ltd.

    Ningxia Dade Trading Co.,ltd is located in Ningxia,China,one of the prominent,active and reliable dehy-drated companies. has been your partner for freeze-dried air-dried vegetables since 1997.From ...

    Address:3-2 #RongAnYuan,Xin Chang west Street,YinChuan,NingXia Yinchuan, NingxiahuizuzizhiquBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Ningxia Sunnyfield Chemical Co.,Ltd.

    Ningxia Sunnyfield Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003. It is a chemical enterprise which developed on the base of the local resources.

    Address:No.257 Kangle Street,Huinong District, Shizuishan City, Ningxia,China Shizuishan, NingxiahuizuzizhiquBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Yinchuan Minerals & Alloys Industrial Trade Co., Limited

    Yinchuan Minerals & Alloys Industrial Trade Co., Limited is one of the professional manufacturers and exporters which enjoys a good reputation in fields Chinese metals Ferro alloys, Chemicals, Carbon/Coke products trade. We not ...

    Address:No. 248, Minzu South street, Xingqing district Yinchuan, NingxiahuizuzizhiquBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Ningxia Nature Honey Product Technology and Development Co.,Ltd

    Ningxia Natural Honey Product Technology & Development Co., Ltd. was founded in 1997. Located at Yinchuan Wangyuan Industrial Park, Ningxia, China, the company is only enterprise specializing processing, exporting of bee ...

    Address:No.3 Road Wangyuan Industrial Park  Yinchuan, NingxiahuizuzizhiquBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • NingXia ZhongNing Chuiqi Wolfberry Tech. Co., Lmd.

    Our company lies in the origin of Gojiberry-ZhongNing county, Ningxia Chunqi Wolfberry Teconology Co.,Ltd, Which combines research?development?purchasing?processing and marketing with import-export transaction ...

    Address:XingQing Area Muslism International Trade City 2-21-13 Yinchuan, NingxiahuizuzizhiquBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Ningxia Huali Joint Energy-saving Housing Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

    Energy Saving With High EfficiencyLand-SavingWater-SavingMaterials-SavingLight weightFast speed BuildingGood property of fireproofing Good Anti-sepsis and long use lifeGood Anti-anti-seisic propertyLow Price Grade ...

    Address:Wangyuan gongyeyuan Yinchuan, NingxiahuizuzizhiquBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Ningxia IVY-Valor International Trade Co., Ltd

    Ningxia IVY-Carbon Products Co., LtdNingxia Ltd, established in 1997, is situated Superior Anthracite Base -- Chonggang Industrial Park of Pingluo. With total investment 30,000,000RMB, it covers 33,000 square meters, owning a 5 ...

    Address:Chonggang Industrial Park of Pingluo., Ningxia, China Yinchuan, NingxiahuizuzizhiquBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Ningxia Sheng Bunge Metal Material Company

    NINGXIA SHENG BUNGE TRADE LIMITED COMPANY was located in Yinchuan city, Ningxia province which lies the Northwest of China, established October 2008. It?s a medium-scale metal smelting & production enterprises with more than 100 ...

    Address:Fenghuang South St?reet No.44, Yinchuan Yinchuan, NingxiahuizuzizhiquBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Ningxia Yinglitechem Co.,Ltd

    Dear ,It is a great pleasure to introduce our company.we are large sized joint-stock specialized in electricity and chemical production,our company had been listed Shenzhen Stock Exchang 1996,our main products have calcium ...

    Address:Hebin industry park,huinong dist Shizuishan, NingxiahuizuzizhiquBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Yinchuan Minerals Industrial & Trad Co., Ltd.

    Yinchuan Minerals & Alloys Industrial Trade Co., Limited is one of the professional manufacturers and exporters which enjoys a good reputation in fields Chinese metals Ferro alloys, Chemicals, Carbon/Coke products trade. We not ...

    Address:No. 248, Minzu South Street, Xingqing District Yin Chuan, Ningxia, China. Yinchuan, NingxiahuizuzizhiquBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Fortune(Hong Kong)Limited

    Our export business for many years engaged in foreign trade and domestic main products are light weight calcined magnesia Magnesia mid-SiC high purity fused carburant a series of minerals, etc. our Good quality low price I sincerely ...

    Address:38#,beidou street,zhongshan area Yinchuan, NingxiahuizuzizhiquBusiness type:Trading Company

  • Ningxia Sheng Bunge Metal Material Ltd

    Zinc ingots?Copper meters?Tin ingots?Bright copper, Titanium ingots?copper meters, 8 mm copper rods, ADC12 Aluminum alloy ingot, plastic particles,and so on.

    Address:Phoenix south street 44 Yinchuan, NingxiahuizuzizhiquBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Ningxia TLH Import & Export Co., Limited

    Wolfberry, fruits, food stuff, such as wolfberry fruits, juice, ect.cete.cete.ceetecet,cetecee.dee.ade

    Address:No. 18, Qianjin Street, Yinchuan, NINGIXIA Yinchuan, NingxiahuizuzizhiquBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Ningxia TLH Foods Co., Ltd.

    Ningxia TLH Foods Co., Ltd is one of the professional manufacturers & exporters foods products in China.We占� specializing production and exporting various kindly agricultural native which grows planted mainly Northwest ...

    Address:No.12, New Century Garden, Xingqing District, Minzhu South Steet, Yinchuan, NingxiahuizuzizhiquBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Ningxia Beilite Chemical Co., LTD

    Dicyandiamide is White crystalline powder. The water solubility of dicyandiamide 2.26% at 13degrees centigrade. When the aqueous solution 80degrees centigrade, will gradually decomposed to ammonia. Ethanol, ether respectively ...

    Address:Ningxia, PingLuo Industrial Park. Shizuishan, NingxiahuizuzizhiquBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Ningxia Source of Natural Biological Technology Co., Ltd.

    Ningxia source of natural biological technology Co., Ltd. is a Sino-foreign joint venture enterprise, located in the "Chinese Goji berry town" -- Zhongning County. Unique geographical environment and climate provides ...

    Address:Ibi center, high tech zone, yinchuan, ningixa, china Yinchuan, NingxiahuizuzizhiquBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • faxiancompany

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    Address:sanxing Yinchuan, NingxiahuizuzizhiquBusiness type:Manufacturer



    Address:HONGGUOZI DISTRICT,SHUIZUISHAN,NINGXIA,CHINA. Shizuishan, NingxiahuizuzizhiquBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Kocel Metal Recycle Co.,Ltd

    Kocel Metal Co., Ltd. is a investment in the establishment of wholly owned subsidiary Group, responsible for casting, metallurgical all kinds raw material procurement, processing, warehousing, distribution, transportation and ...

    Address:550#,Beijing Road,Yinchuan,Ningxia,China Yinchuan, NingxiahuizuzizhiquBusiness type:Trading Company

  • Ningxia Xinri Hengli Steel Wire Rope Co.,Ltd.

    The company can produce the steel wire ropes with diameter 1.2mm-120mm. it has competitive products of for mining, crane, cable way, petroleum, seaport lifting, PC and strand, hold prominent advantage in manufacturing developing ...

    Address:10F Golden Tower,Jianfa Modern-City,No.33 West Jiefang street,Yinchuan City,Ningxia Province?China Yinchuan, NingxiahuizuzizhiquBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • NINGXIA LOVE GOJI Biotechnology Development Co.

    ????Love Goji juice is without any preservatives and additives, which can be stored at room temperature, raw materials of are selected from GAP standard planting base in Zhongning County, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. After ...

    Address:???BUILDING11,EAST,STREET,SHIKONGTOWN,ZHONGNING COUNTY,NINGXIA,755100,P.R.CHINA Zhongwei, NingxiahuizuzizhiquBusiness type:Trading Company

  • NingXia Wolfberry Biological and Food Engineering Co.,Ltd

    We are one of the largest Goji Berry products manufacturers in China, mainly produce Dried Goji Berry,Goji Berry Juice ,Goji Beverage ,Goji Berry powder and other Goji products.

    Address:East of Wei 18 Road, Qinshui South Street, Economic and Technological Development Zone, Yinchuan, Yinchuan, NingxiahuizuzizhiquBusiness type:Manufacturer