• IntimMultiTrade

    our company was raised privately to accelerate exploration in four promisingbase are mineral product.We work led the discovery of a potentially extractable land suchas: Nickel, copper, Chromite, manganese and all the.mining ...

    Address:Bonto Ramba street No.13 Makassar, South sulawesiBusiness type:Trading Company

  • CV.Fadjrin Putra Ariny (FPA)

    Product: Dried Flying Fish Roe.Quality: Well dried without fiber and no foreign materials.Packing: 5Kgs in poly bag (4BagX5Kg=20Kgs/Box)Price: negotiable.Payment: by an irrevocable L/C, at sight basis.Delivery: 14days after the ...

    Address:Jalan Daeng Tata No.25, Makassar, South SulawesiBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Pt.Garama Indonesia

    we are produce nickel and chrome ore and we have a full of export document and we shipment by my self

    Address:makassar jl.sungguhminasa 27 makassar, south sulawesiBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • UD. H. Paris

    We are a supplier of E.Cottonii. now have 75 tons, Moisture=35%, Impurity=2%. Ready to be sold, and hope everyone who need buy, make ooperation work with us.Please come check the location, see our stock directly, eventhough "the ...

    Address:Jl. Pahlawan KM.92 Jeneponto, South SulawesiBusiness type:Trading Company

  • PT. Emas Patimangi

    We are miner and exporter of Nickel Ore in Pomalaa North Kolaka, South East Sulawesi, Indonesia. offer you with Purity 1.8% - 1.75% the best price FOB Mother Vessel only, we accept payment L/C. Contact person: Andrew Muchtar. Mobile ...

    Address:Jl. Bendungan Bila No. 775 Sidrap, South SulawesiBusiness type:Others

  • PT. Tasaka Buntu Kandora

    We have a couples Miners Company Corporation with produced Ni 1.9% up capability payment term 60% cash at sign contract 40% after Nickel Ore already on the MV complete documents. miner companies corporation Kolaka and Konawe, South East ...

    Address:Jl. Penjernihan no. 14 Komp. PAM Makassar, South SulawesiBusiness type:Trading Company

  • PT. Bangun Mitra Sejahtera International

    we produce solar (HSD), fuel oil (MFO) and diesel oil (MDF) with the standard and quality set by the Government in particular from the mining department

    Address:jl. adhyaksa komp. ruko zamrud blok J no 14 makassar, south sulawesiBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Relasi Bakti

    Currently our business are telecommunication and electronic security system, but we planning to expand in 100% cotton apparel looking for manufactures which produce these products. ...

    Address:Jln. Pelita Raya No. 7-B, Makassar, South SulawesiBusiness type:Retailer

  • Bonkey Gemstone

    We are company has produce gemstone from indonesia and Selling for Indonesia Gemstone Rough its come from indonesia island.

    Address:Citra Sudiang Indah X6 No. 7 Real Estate Makassar, South SulawesiBusiness type:Trading Company

  • Bumi Laut Prima Indonesia

    Bumi Laut Prima Indonesia, located in makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. Our company dealing with Dreid Flying Fish Roe and Shell Button. All the product origin of indonesia. We can guarantee rapid delivery all orders. ...

    Address:Komp. BPH Plaza M1/19 Makassar, South SulawesiBusiness type:Trading Company

  • PT.Astra Mitra Ventura

    PT.Astra Mitra VenturaPT.Astra Ventura core business is in the production, marketing and sale of pulp premium woodfree paper. production facilities are world-class assets featuring state art paper-making technology.PT.Astra ...

    Address:jln.brawijaya No ,23 A Makassar, South SulawesiBusiness type:Distributor/Wholesaler

  • PT. Wahyu Pradana Binamulia

    Indonesian Seafood Manufacturer and Exporter. Products: Frozen Shrimps (Value Added, Cooked, Raw), Frozen Fish, Squid, Octopus, Dried Flying Fish Roe

    Address:Jl. Kima Raya ID-2C Makassar, South SulawesiBusiness type:Manufacturer


    Dear Genuine Buyers,We offering our products :- Steam Coal for any calorie- Variety of Minerals ( iron ore, sand, nickel lead manganese chrome bauksit ore,etc )Please,don't hesitate to contact us :Achmad Yani ...

    Address:Abd.Dg.Sirua 151 Makassar, South SulawesiBusiness type:Trading Company

  • PT. Indo Gum Perkasa

    Indogum Perkasa is a trusted company specializing of gum copal export quality in three grades such as PWS, WS, DBB and Oleo Pine Resin. We have the best price competitive price. are looking for serious buyers relating business long time. ...

    Address:Jl. Faisal XV no 87 B Makassar, South SulawesiBusiness type:Distributor/Wholesaler

  • PT. Karya Jaya Mandiri

    We are company called PT. Karya Jaya Mandiri which is located in Makassar, South Sulawesi- Indonesia. Our product dried seaweed Eucheuma Cottonni.We hope that we can coorperate future. ThanksWarm regards,Nicky/ +6281934481833 ...

    Address:Timah 2 no.6 makassar, south sulawesiBusiness type:Distributor/Wholesaler

  • PT. Rukun Gaya Paper

    PT. Rukun Gaya Paper is a Company whose mission to be the most effective distributor/supplier on Indonesia . We have 12 years successful tradition and recognized brand name company position domestic market. Founded in 1999 started with ...

    Address:Jln. Abdullah, KH No. 5 Makassar, South SulawesiBusiness type:Distributor/Wholesaler

  • PT. Maspul Indo Mining

    Dear All Buyers,We sell :IRON ORE with Fe 56--58% and 60% up, NICKEL Ni 1,8% MANGANESE Mn 40% CHROME Cr2O3 GALENA Pb COOPER STEAM COAL any calorieplease contack us,ACHMAD YANI H.+62 813 546 77779 ...

    Address:abdullah dg.sirua 151 street makassar, south sulawesiBusiness type:Trading Company

  • HasGroup International

    WE CAN SUPPLY FOR CHROME ORE GRADE: 35%, 40%, 42% UPWe Indonesian Mining company, we have Chrome ore Mine. need fund for operation and production of mineDeposite about 15,000,000 MT Cr2O3 UP, Consecion are about: 3000 HaWe very ...

    Address:Jl. S. Pareman No.66, Belopa-Luwu Makassar, South SulawesiBusiness type:Distributor/Wholesaler

  • CV Global Centrum and Co.

    We are a buying agent company for all Indonesian products specially garments and textiles material.

    Address:Jl Bungur No. 04 Makassar, South SulawesiBusiness type:Buying Office

  • Cv. Resky Perdana Mandiri

    Let us introduce to you about our company named CV. RESKY PERDANA MANDIRI from IndonesiaWe are pleased ourselves as one of the well established merchant exporters semi husked coconut and white copra.We can supply high quality copra ...

    Address:lapawawoi street kelurahan biru kec tanete riattang watampone, south sulawesiBusiness type:Trading Company

  • CV. Ariny

    Officially established on 27 March 2009, which is characterized by the issuance of Letter Deed Establishment Company, CV. Ariny present to provide convenience and additional options parties who want quality improvement fish fishery ...

    Address:Jalan Daeng Tata No. 25 Makassar, South SulawesiBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • PT.Barindo Bumi Sekuritas

    PT.Barindo Bumi SekuritasPT.Barindo Sekuritas core business is in the production, marketing and sale of pulp premium woodfree paper. production facilities are world-class assets featuring state art paper-making ...

    Address:jln.banyumanis no.23 a Makassar, South SulawesiBusiness type:Distributor/Wholesaler

  • PT.Mayora Indah

    PT.Mayora IndahPT.Mayora Indah core business is in the production, marketing and sale of pulp premium woodfree paper. production facilities are world-class assets featuring state art paper-making technology.PT.Mayora ...

    Address:jln.daya bakti no.23 a Makassar, South SulawesiBusiness type:Distributor/Wholesaler

  • Southeast Asia Services, PT

    We sell Nickel ore, Ni 1.8% Minimum from Southeast Sulawesi and Coal from Kalimantan, IndonesiaCan supply minimum 50.000 MT each productIf you have any inquiry please contact us

    Address:JLN RAJAWALI NO.50 MAKASSAR, SOUTH SULAWESIBusiness type:Trading Company

  • PT. Meka

    We are manufacturer and exporter of timber like Merbau, Nyatoh, Palapi, Red Meranti, Linggua etc. Our products decking, flooring, s4s/e2e, door jamb, architraves, skirting, decorative profiles Besides that, we also produce coconut ...

    Address:Jl. Ir. Sutami 53 Makassar, South SulawesiBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Pt.Karya Paper

    custom-product.com is a comprehensive business-to-business (B2B) trade solution provider offering one-stop services to both international buyers and domestic sellers.As Third Party online business platform, we provide our with ...

    Address:Jln. Agus Salim No,23 A Makassar, South SulawesiBusiness type:Distributor/Wholesaler

  • Universal Trading Indo

    We are seller of chromite ore lump and iron from south sulawesi island, indonesia. looking for valuable buyer who can cooperate with us this products. supply 500MT - 1000MT every month. With 200MT-400MT per shipment two weeks.Your nice ...

    Address:Tala Salapang Street F 17/31 Makassar, South SulawesiBusiness type:Trading Company

  • Pt. Radix Nova


    Address:ANDI MANGERANGI STREETS LR. 6 NO. 37  Makassar, South SulawesiBusiness type:Trading Company

  • Pt. Sentra Cendrakasih Buana

    Direct supplier of sea grapes, sea cucumbers, sea shell, star fish etc. Pls email to uprockseafoodsatyahoodotcom

    Address:no. 2 Berlian Street Makassar, South SulawesiBusiness type:Distributor/Wholesaler

  • CV. Terrasolusi

    We are a professional consultant and mineral producer. our speciality in Nickel Laterite Exploration Reserve Asessment, Silica Sand product, Mining consultant.We can optimize throught your resource/reserve on to high end product ...

    Address:Jalan Baji Ateka No.3 Makassar, South SulawesiBusiness type:Others

  • Torajan Coffee Co.

    We are a family run business of Arabica coffee growers in the Torajan Mountains Indonesia. Our is finest quality and offers distinctive flavour gourmet speciality bean. growing techniques that an organic nature sustainability, ...

    Address:Jl Sermani 25A, Tello Baru Makassar, South SulawesiBusiness type:Distributor/Wholesaler

  • Indo Jaya

    Our company can provide a lot of seaweed product such as glasilaria, spinosom, cotoni, and sargasum.Moisture Content: 15% max Impurity Content: 2 % MaxBig LeavesLatest crop.

    Address:Pelita Raya blok a/13 no.13 Makassar, South SulawesiBusiness type:Others

  • Rajawali Darma Pilindo

    We are a group companies werein we are engaged in the line of business on mining resource , distributor of safety products (PPE) for mining , manufacturing , and consulting

    Address:GTC Mall No 8 Ga 8 tanjung bunga Makassar, south sulawesiBusiness type:Others

  • PT.Grahajanna Surya Emas

    Dear sir Our Company PT.Grahajanna Surya Emas Adress Jl Sultan Alauddin Graha Modern Jaya B.13 Makassar , Sulawesi Indonesia was an established as a marine exporter company in makasar indonesia since 1992, and eksporter seafood ...

    Address:Jl.Sultan Alauddin Graha Modern Jaya B.13 Makassar, South sulawesiBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Pt Rdp

    we are a contractor mining on coal l , werein do hauling and transportingOur company doing transporting from the Pit site to stockpile conveyor.We supply dump trucks heavy equipment other equipments tool for concession. ...

    Address:GTC Mall Tanjung Bunga Makassar Indonesia makassar, south sulawesiBusiness type:Others