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  • SAFEButikken

    We are a distributor i Norway on security. products.we import from Japan and China Fireproof safes security cabinets and gun cabinets from Lithuania.

    Address:ETERNITVEIEN 34 SLEMMESTAD, Business type:Distributor/Wholesaler

  • Nortech AS

    Nortech AS is an importer of machinery and equipment for fresh food departments in supermarkets, commercial kitchens, farm outlets etc.

    Address:Unnelandsveien 258 5268 Haukeland, Business type:Distributor/Wholesaler

  • Multitek Nord AS

    Multitek Nord is an trading and import company in ventilation products in Scandinavia.We are looking for company that produce ventilation products fans and ventilation filters

    Address:Kongensgate 22 Narvik, Business type:Trading Company

  • Party-Shop

    Our company seel party supplies, party items and costumes. Such as paper tableware, candles, cake toppers etc.

    Address:Fossekleiva 38 Ulset, Business type:Others


    Norwegian. Salted, Smoked Herring. Quality: Golden,Silver,Hard Cured,(Bloaters)Norwegian. Salted Herring, and Herring filet.Product produce of frech fish.Dried Codfish Stockfish Cod, Saithe; Tusk, Ling. ...

    Address:Naer�y LEIN�Y, Business type:Manufacturer

  • Cremant AS

    We sell by home parties and mail order, footmassagers, ginseng, medical equipment as; blood pressure measurers, sporting pulse watches, walk man, alarms for doors windows ...

    Address:Geiterasen 12 Soegne, Business type:Distributor/Wholesaler

  • Inger Aas

    small import company allways locking for new'swe are selling today to gift,textile shops and childrengarden.

    Address:fredheim, 2etc Auli, Business type:Distributor/Wholesaler

  • Gutteberg LTD

    We are always willing to answer any questions or respond to any concerns that may arise. Our goalis to continue building trustworthy relationships with our customers.

    Address:Vestregt23 Tromsø, Business type:Agent

  • Qi Norway

    Company details will buyers get when they take contact. Beacuse we are an agent company that works for many companies have today 5 people. We big contacts, and references from finance. So these can fix if you want. ...

    Address:Elvefaret 24 Oslo, NorgeBusiness type:Agent

  • DivMek Rune Smaaland

    Import and sale of small-electronics,practical accesories, Gadgets. I will also look for posibility producing accesories/ improvement accsesories in my workshop.Looking forward to test this business idea, running own little ...

    Address:Bureiservegen 57 Lunner, LunnerBusiness type:Trading Company

  • Jarle Engli Eriksen

    Selling and renting out led lighning for stage /band etc, and sell equpment related to stage performance

    Address:askimveien 176 ski kr�stad, FolloBusiness type:Others

  • Sdomeh Ltd

    I buy digital cameras in large quantities and sell digital cameras in europe and in africa. I look forward to doing big business with you

    Address:Pentagonveien 5 aas, aasBusiness type:Retailer

  • RSNorway

    RSNorway, founded in Norway 2000.Importer and distributor of cosmetics, cosmetics accesories. Electronics, audio/video.Own brand cosmetics line. More on company website:

    Address:A B Grøndahlsvei 1E Stavanger, Business type:Buying Office

  • Jahren MediaConsult

    buyer of small electronical accessories. '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''

    Address:Dyre Halses Gate 13 Trondheim, S� Tr�delagBusiness type:Others

  • Elementbygg Harald Lavik

    Spesial interest for non-explosive/low-explosiverock breaking systems.Contractor company in thesector of private houses.Line of work: removingrock from urban,narrow and sensitive areas.

    Address:Vaksdalveien 41 Trengereid. Bergen, Business type:Others

  • Sognett

    Import&sales of brick and stones and diy and building materials and whatever likely.Also stone carving and decorative mural.

    Address:Granden 29 6856 Sogndal, Business type:Distributor/Wholesaler

  • Domingo International Scandinavia

    We are a whole sale company with offices around the world. Our operate mainly within scandinavian countries.We work several big customers that alsogive us inquiries on different kind of products according to seasons. have strong power ...

    Address:Haslevangen 33 Oslo, Business type:Retailer

  • Mindor AS

    New and revolutionary column formwork. Environmentally friendly. Reuse. Hand-mounted. Lightweight. Reasonable price. Low transport cost.

    Address:Kirketeig 1 F�de, SunnfjordBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • E-Business Norway

    We are starting up, one of Norways leading E-Business on the WWW.We are trying to give the customer the best price every time.

    Address:Pobox 1 Holmestrand, Business type:Distributor/Wholesaler

  • Hansson's Agentur & Import

    Company looking for new inventions for the Scandinavian and European marked.Looking for developments that are new and trendy, and products that can be a hit in our marked.

    Address:Kopstadveien 2 Nykirke, HortenBusiness type:Buying Office

  • Nelectronic

    We are a company in Norway that sell electronic equipment like gps,computers,audio equipment etc. We sell many well known brands.

    Address:Storgata 7 Honningsvaag, FinnmarkBusiness type:Distributor/Wholesaler

  • Best P�Nett

    buying toys, computerparts, and other electronics. my market are web shop in Norway and selling at a fair price.

    Address:postboks 28 Leirvik i sogn, sfBusiness type:Retailer

  • AG.Instrumentation

    We trade mobilephones,laptop and mnitors for the Europe marked. We also trade TV and DVD players for this marked.

    Address:folldalslia 19b rdal, bergenBusiness type:Trading Company

  • Eastlon

    We are an well experienced imports company in Norway. We have several long term sourcing contracts with scandinavian retailers.

    Address:Musikklokka 7 Kongsberg, BuskerudBusiness type:Trading Company

  • Mountain Cycle & MotorCycle Norway

    Address:Hjortehaven 13 Sandvika, NOBusiness type:Buying Office



    Address:RAVNKROKEN 21E OSLO, Business type:Trading Company

  • Corum Marketing

    I am working with a company called Aquafit on new swim wear product the Aquafit. It is basically hats made in polyester rather than traditional rubber. This makes much more comfortable and has been quite popular schools Norway. If you have ...

    Address:Amalie Skramsvei 6 Bergen, Business type:Distributor/Wholesaler

  • VI2 Ans

    Starting to sell in a small shop city outside of Oslo different ladys and gents choes, bags glasses etc. Looking for good quality leather without tags labels, but mostly look alikes that the big wearhouse fashion houses are handeling. ...

    Address:NORDBYHAGAVEIEN 53B 1472 FJELLHAMAR, Business type:Retailer

  • Prinsessa

    wholesale dropshipping free shipping free tax to norway , juicy bag , suits , case ang things like that is wanted whit good price

    Address:m 47 heidal, Business type:Others

  • Anatur Norge

    Looking for products related to the health sector. We are importing and wholesalers shops, pharmacies hospitals in Norway. Also private sector true internet.Lingerie is also our interest.Great other branches can bee interesting. If ...

    Address:Postboks 1818 Skien, Business type:Distributor/Wholesaler

  • Tomren Group International

    distributor/wholesaler distributor/wholesalerdistributor/wholesalerdistriibutor/wholesalerdistributor/wholesaler

    Address:Liagrenda 1 Skogbygda, AkershusBusiness type:Distributor/Wholesaler

  • Onicko

    We working with cloth design.The centlar marker placed in Norway.The sentral work is art-design.

    Address:Olav Kyrres gt 8 HO307 Oslo, Business type:Others

  • Sumfish

    we are stockfish exporters based in Norway...We can deliver Stockfish heads 20ft or 40ft. Dried container from Norway to any of the Nigeria ports...Stockfish such as Cod, haddock, tusk,saithe . If you interested kindly send me a mail for ...

    Address:gate 6c  maaloy, sogn og fjordaneBusiness type:Agent

  • Biomega.No

    Biomega AS is one of the leading producers and suppliers of fresh and high quality salmon in Norway for pet food industry and human consumption. Our products are food grade. Contact us for shipment.

    Address:Skaganeset, N-5382 Skogsvag, Norway Bergen Norway, HordalandBusiness type:Others

  • Royai Nordic Blue

    Inflatable Boat and RIB boat with PVC Inflatable Boat and RIB boat with PVC Inflatable Boat and RIB boat with PVC

    Address:storhaugen 26 knarrevik, NorwayBusiness type:Distributor/Wholesaler