Our products are various kinds of stainless steel and aluminum kitchenwares such as pots, kettles, knife, mixing bowls etc.

    Address:4602 Daejeo 2-Dong Kangseo-Ku, BusanBusiness type:-

  • Han Kook Tamina Co., Ltd.

    Hankook Tamina, since its establishment in 1978, has exclusively majored the production of clean scrubbersand wash cloths, with which company grown to top specialist outshining all other competitors this sector. ...

    Address:3rd Floor Haeam Bldg., 5-5, Ohkeum-Dong Songpa-Ku, SeoulBusiness type:Trading Company

  • daeryoo trading company

    Address:kyesung b/d, #612, ohjung-dong ohjung-ku, bucheon city, Gyeonggi-doBusiness type:Trading Company


    Seok Chon Pottery Co., Ltd. was established in In city, Korea 1983 with the president, Mr. J.J. LEE. 30 Year-long enthusiasm and passion for making ceramic tableware. The firm has been specialized exclusively ceramics tableware all ...

    Address:#644-10 74BL 11LT KOJAN-DONG NAMDONG, IncheonBusiness type:Manufacturer


    Electric home appliance expert maufutuerer.Established 1979.Main Item : Pressure rice cooker(LingTech brand) Rice Cooker,Iron,kettlle&pot,Dishdryer,e-stove.Specialist Mass production, Long-term OEM business. ...

    Address:750-3 2F,Sigong Bld,Yeoksam Dong Kangnam Gu, SeoulBusiness type:-

  • Wongu Precision Co., Ltd.

    Our (week) blastopore cooperates with several customers leaving for the company which produce stainless steel litchen utensils into money more than 10 years in domestic and quality is producing superior product.Providing equipment ...

    Address:697-1 Dohwa-3dong Nam-gu, IncheonBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • GunWoo Cookware Co.,Ltd.

    We, GunWoo Cookware co.,Ltd. have been a major manufacturer of frying pan, Wok... in Korea and an exporter the high quality products worldwide. We hope to introduce good ours do business with you. If you want more detailed information ...

    Address:Gang Dong P.O. Box 28 Gang Dong-Gu Seoul Korea Seoul 134-011 Sorea, Business type:Manufacturer

  • Boryung Lifetech Co., Ltd.

    This is newly registered company and its company description will be updated shortly. Please revist in the near future.

    Address:467-10, Dogok-dong Gangnam-gu, SeoulBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Daeryuk Electronics Co., Ltd.

    Daeryuk Electronics Co., Ltd., Ltd. with its 13-year history, has centered efforts on the production and sale of electronic parts household electric appliances. Our regional factory was built is operated under name Daeyang Co. (HK) in ...

    Address:379-6, Sooyoung-ri, Bongdam-eup Hwasung-si, Gyeonggi-doBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • PriTrade

    Your name has been recommended to us by korea Trade Center in seoul as a leading and potential importer distributor of Elentric Appliances your county.We would like advise you our position the trade express wish establish business ...

    Address:korea ansan hanyang university ansan, Gyeonggi-doBusiness type:Trading Company

  • Joohyang Company World Klean Gold

    Although a rapid development of technology has contributed to the convenience human life it also left us with serious environmental problem. As result, finding way purify our water and will continue become part daily lives. It is ...

    Address:3633-6 Sanbook-dong, Gunsan-si,, Jeollabuk-doBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Darin Co., Ltd.

    Darin Co., Ltd. is the leading and representative company manufacturing exporting Pump Dispensers, Trigger sprayers of Plastic Packaging in Korea. Since foundation 1972, our only these products, so very famous for its technological ...

    Address:973-6 Yangdeok-dong, Masan-si,, Gyeongsangnam-doBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Humming Bio

    Humming Bio is a manufacturer of multipurpose functional kitchen food packing materials. Our product manufacturing based on the accumulated know-how and continuous new technology development.Not content with what we are now, will ...

    Address:25-9 Gomo-ri, Jinrye-myeon, Gimhae-si,, Gyeongsangnam-doBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Hanil C.F.S Co., Ltd.

    Hanil Refrigerating Machinery Co. manufactures freezers. The company's experience and investment in efficient manufacturing technology guarantee the highest quality products at very competitive prices. is a privately owned ...

    Address:4ma-104, Siwha Industrial Complex, Songkok-dong, Ansan-si,, Gyeonggi-doBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Khu Gtep Goglobal

    1. Product; Carbon Nano Heating range.2. Company name ; JCTECH 3. Phone no. : 82-10-4131-47601. Product ; Lamp2. Company name ; OREX3. Phone no. : 82-10-4131-4760

    Address:127 Dept. of Policy And Economics, Kyunghee Univ. Hoegi 1 dong Dongdaemun-gu , SeoulBusiness type:Agent

  • Ga Deuk Corporation

    We are the production company which has produced various kind of scrubber for kitchen as a expert to export them abroad rather than distributing in Korea since around year of1996. have and exported mostly scrubbers adhesion type USA, ...

    Address:593-6, Songcheon-ri, Sudong-myeon, Namyangju-si,, Gyeonggi-doBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • LiHOM Co., Ltd

    Since established in 1976, Living Business Divison of LiHOM has been grown with the spirit enterprise providing best quality product to our customers. We developed new brand "LIVING TECH ". It symbolizes sun lighting earth ...

    Address:Bubang Bldg 1FL, 156-1, Samseong-dong, Kangnam-gu,, SeoulBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Green Cook & Roaster Co. Ltd.

    Green Cook & Roaster Co. Ltd. has manufactured environment-friendly products; Smokeless Charcoal Roaster, Gas range, lighter, Roaster-washing M/C, etc. Based on accumulated know-how and technologies, Shinan devotes itself ...

    Address:408ho Daedeock Techno Town 178-164 Gazwa-dong,  Seo-gu, IncheonBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Tale Co., Ltd.

    Design with story Tale manage from product designing to manufacturing.TALE is a brand of stories. We study materials, stories, myth and sensitivity related objet.TALE established on December 2010. produce all products in Korea ...

    Address:3F., 257-130, Guui 1-dong,  Gwangjin-gu,, SeoulBusiness type:Manufacturer


    CEO's greeting...To represent K.T.E, Thanks you to your deep interest and support for Continuousgrowth development.K.T.E was established manufacture development of food machinery in 1997.We are hard working believed enterprise ...

    Address:530-15, Songjeong-ri, Mado-myeon, Hwaseong-si,, Gyeonggi-doBusiness type:Manufacturer