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Zhongshan City Henglan Town Bryhton Light Factory

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Bryhton light is a professional manufacturer for the aluminum reflectors. Since 2004, we have devoted ourselves to supply our customers with high quality alumimum reflectors. With the experienced team in the light industry field, we have already established a full range of products and information services for our customers.
From tooling/chuck producing to the final finishes on the reflectors, we own a complete production line and reliable system management for our customers around the world ie. U.S., New Zealand, Australia, Europe and Middle East.
The spirit-we call it as a alumimum reflector inside the body of luminaries. We are able to supply our customers with the design services for reflectors that are to be shown a well light performance at cetain situation or performed what the atmosphere requries.
Beam angle applied to the light source of LED and HID luminaries. The different stereo pattern design on the reflector will cause different output on the light performance, which allows our designers to control the light output according to the requirement from customers. Due to the accurate design and less time consuming on samples delivery, our design team do help our customers to speed up the timeframe on their development of new products.

Materials introducing:
The aluminum sheet we are using is high purity up to 99.98% pure alumimum. The reflection rate of the reflectors with polished finish can reach 84%.
For more information, please contact us without hesitate.

Since 2005, we have concentrated on the reflectors design for the Spot lighting. We are able to design a narrow beam angle less than 10 degree up to wide beam angle around 60 degree for the HID light source or the COB light.

Bryhton has whole production line to manufacture aluminum reflectors from alumimum alloy; spinning , polishing, pressing, anodizing...etc.

We are not a large scale manufacturer but we are confidence to satisfy our customer with our professional service, advanced sales concept, quick feeback, fast delivery and good quality.

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