Shenzhen Okerda Trading Co., Ltd.

Company Description

Shenzhen Okerda Science&Technology Co., Ltd. is a main exporter of a wide variety of electronic and electric goods in China. All of our products stand for top quality in the industry and enjoy very high honor. You can depend on us to provide you with resourceful and reliable support and to pave the road to a more powerful future.

Producing for export, we have established very successful cooperation relations with many foreign customers from more than 30 countries. With our facilities in Guangdong and Zhejiang, no quantity is too small and no quantity is too large.

Our main products include:
1. Toroidal transformer
2. High frequency transformers
3. Low frequency power transformers
4. Intermediate frequency transformers
5. Precision mini current transformers for meters
6. MR PR series current transformers for measurement and protection
7. SMD power inductors
8. Coils
9. Switching power supplies
10. Inverters
11. UPS
12. Voltage regulators
13. Circuit breakers
14. Contactors

Our transformers include PCB type, encapsulated type, horizontal type, toroidal type, R type, CD type, ED type, SD type, and SG type. We devote ourselves to making high quality transformers at low prices in the worldwide markets. We welcome you to send inquiry to us. You will get our earliest reply.

You can be our sole agent in your country and benefit from more preferable prices. OEM orders are welcomed.

Company Information

  • Country/Region: China
  • Address: No.301,Building E,Yuanhu Industrial Zone, Guanlan Golf Avenue, Baoan District,
  • Operational Address: Room 301, 302, Building E, Yuanhu Industrial Zone, Golf Avenue, Guanlan Street, Longhua New Dist., Shenzhen, Guangdong, China (Mainland)
  • Website:
  • Business Type: Trading Company
  • Main Products: Toroidal Transformer, Encapsulated Transformer, High Frequency Transformer, Inductor, Current Transformer, Inverter Welding Mchine, Inverter AC/DC TIG Welding Machine, Inverter Multifunctional Welding Machine, Inerter MIG/MMA Welding Machine, Inverter MIG Welding Machine, Inverter Air Plasma Cutting Machine, Inverter DC MMA /TIG Welding Machine, Inverter DC TIG Welding Machine, Inverter DC MMA Welding Machine,
  • Location: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
  • Year Established: 2005
  • Number Of Employess: 11 - 50 People
  • Main Markets: North America, Eastern Europe, Oceania, Mid East,
  • Trade Capacity: North America : 20.00% Eastern Europe : 20.00%
  • Production Capacity: - -
  • R&D Capacity: No. of R&D Staff :5 - 10 People

Contact info

  • Contact Person: Mr. Max Kerr
  • Department: Director/CEO/General Manager
  • Job Title: General Manager
  • Telephone:
  • Fax Number:
  • Zip/Post Code: 518110

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  • EE Ferrite Magnetic core with different size
  • UU10.5 power Line filters
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  • Air coil inductor /spring coils
  • EMI toroidal core /sendust core/NPS core
  • Ferrite core / toroidal core / Iron powder core
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