Shanghai Redbrillian Chemical Co., Ltd.

Company Description

Shanghai RedBrillian Chemical Co, Ltd. was established in 2009 (Registration No.: 31010501124913), and it is a newly developing enterprise, combining production, scientific research and marketing, with service as its orientation. The company has three production bases, which engage in pesticide preparations production, amino acid and its chelated product production and humic acid extraction and compound respectively. Furthermore, the company has a research and development base, which lies in Chengdu, Sichuan, the land of abundance. The base can, according to the demands of customers, produce various compound fertilizers with different contents and specifications. The business scope of the company covers all fields of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Its products not only have good reputation at home, but also export to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and Middle East.
The company insists on the idea of Service First, improves its service continuously from the perspectives of quality, packaging, printing, storage, transportation and tracing. While helping customers solve problems, it pays much attention to its internal management, improving working efficiency continuously. It not only solves problems, but also eradicates problems from the view of future. Meanwhile, the research and development institution can timely meet market demands and customers' demands to deploy new products more suitable for the market. Relying on innovation advantages of science and technology, we can keep a fast and steady developing speed.
We carry on the spirit of "Go all out in work, Unite and Innovate", with "Seek Excellence, Create Good Reputation" as our struggling objective, create good products, reasonable prices and perfect services and hence becomes the new star of Chinese enterprises.
Although established at the time of global economic crisis, it didn't fall with the slowing down of world economy. It gains survival in adversity and seeks opportunity among crises. We stand upright among Chinese enterprises, relying on firm and indomitable perseverance.

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  • Contact Person: Mr. Jerry Wong
  • Department: Director/CEO/General Manager
  • Job Title: G.M.
  • Telephone:
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  • Zip/Post Code: 201900

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