Rugao Good Power Fitting Co., Ltd.

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DS Overhead Power Lines Fittings Corporation China which was established in 1994 located in RuGao city north to Shanghai of China.

As a munufacturer specializing in produce and export Power fittings in Polymeric/Porcelain /Glass Insulators ,Corona Rings and Electrical railway connectors for more than twenty years.
DS Corporation own 80,000 square meters production base and more than 500 employees. our steel casting and forging capacity is 4,000 tons/year, and galvanizing production capacity is 10,000 tons /year.

Company integration manufacture capabilities are featured by die forging, investment casting/sand-casting, precision mold design and made, hot dip galvanization, modern CNC machining etc. own more than 600 sets of primary equipments, including exceed 50 sets of forging and heat treatment,480 sets of advanced lathe machine.

In order to keep products high quality, we work focus strictly on following six points: 1, Material 2, Hardness 3, Dimension 4, Metallographic 5, Roughness 6, Axiality. Analysis of chemical elements on the material by spectrometer, testing product microstructure by metallographic microscope, inspect the mechanical strength of product by Brinell hardness tester,Rockwell hardometer and tensile testing machine, use the Roughness measuring instrument to control the product roughness.

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