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Resource Sheet Metal Machinery relies on Suzhou LEAD laser technology co., Ltd, ASIA, ACL and other well-known established companies. We are responsible for sales, after-sales service and spare parts supply of Suzhou LEAD laser technology co., ACL, TSD. BEST. Resource Sheet Metal Machinery is an international trade company to provide solutions of sheet metal equipment to supplier and buyers. The company deals in three categories of products, namely sheet metal machinery equipment, sheet metal equipment parts and technical advisory services. Resource Sheet Metal Machinery is committed to create one-stop Chinese sheetmetal solution export base platform by network platform, VIP customer, product showroom. Resource Sheet Metal Machinery will build "YiSha nets", a real-time transaction network platform, gathering lots of network resources and the existing online resources to provide trading information release, search, management services for suppliers and demanders. And it also provides preliminary communication and consultation tools, and other related services in the process of business and trade. We will build large-scale exhibition showroom and invite global partners and customers. As a foreign trade platform, We provide the manufacturer's product to the buyers directly and win more benefits for the buyer.Resource Sheet Metal Machinery is a leading purchasing center in the field of sheet metal equipment. Through the Internet technology we provide the global network users with high-quality and low-cost sheet metal equipment, spare parts and related services, and also help them achieve relaxed purchasing, which let the procurement process of customs in China become as easily as drinking tea.

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  • Contact Person: Mr. David Gao
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