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Portable Electronic(HK) Co.,Ltd is mainly devoted into research and development, manufacture and sales of new energy portable electronic products.
There is an elite research and development team in the company which is led by the senior engineers in the solar energy photovoltaic application industry. Following many years of technical accumulation and experience deposition, this team becomes full-fledged nowadays and involves research and development based upon market application and information feedback from customers in the aspects such as environmental-friendly energy, energy conservation, pollution and consumption reduction, intelligent illumination and control as well as electric hard disc and so on. Up to date, several solar chargers, portable power supply as well as portable product solutions for technology output have been brought up and at the same time, the company has initiated the development and application of solar energy components.

While creating more values for customers, the company concentrates upon providing higher application demands to different customers, promoting new products and forging for rapid development paces diligently.
Adhering to the operation philosophy of Unit, Cooperation, Exploration and Development with various manufacturers and clients as well as putting goof faith, service quality as well as competency first, the company will save you lost of time and cost. We believe that with your support we can do better.

Our Services:
Provide customers existing proposals or design new solutions for customers according to their requirements.
Offer customers well-developed-and-tested PCBA and leave the outer appearance to be designed by customers.
Furnish customers whole sets of components (PCBA, shell and peripheral accessories included) for DIY assembly by customers so as to set up their own brands.
Supply customers OEM services and customers only need to concern about sales channels.
Supply customers OEM services covering form initial proposal design to final whole machine manufacture and customers only need to concern about sales channels.
Set up the agency distribution system and invite distributors at various levels to market the company of technology-concentrating products with high profits.

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  • Contact Person: Ms. Candy Wang
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  • Zip/Post Code: 999077

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