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Pinghu Wuzhou Industrial Co., Ltd

Company Description

Pinghu baodian industrial co. Ltd is a producing enterprise which is engaged in designing and developing metal furniture, especially producing and marketing life medias.

The main production includes the series of laying-shelf: Seeing and hearing rack, VCD frame, entrance clothes rack, removal clothes rack, computer desk, microwave oven rack, water fountain rack, telephone rack, flower trellis, shoes rack, western-style artistic level frame, indoor multipurpose steel wooden frame, folds frame, bookshelf, newspaper clamps, clotheshorse, product exhibition rack. Baodian outdoors furniture, garden furniture, laid fallow furniture, life furniture, metal furniture adornment and other production concerned in metal. Such as baggage car, steel chair, fruit basket of clematis artwork, bike, tray, plate rack, liquor series, etc.

Company Information

Contact info

  • Contact Person: Mr. Ding wei zhong
  • Job Title: internation
  • Telephone:
  • Mobilephone:
  • Fax Number:
  • Zip/Post Code: 314215

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