• Eko Trade Limited

    Address:Kwidzynska 9Business type:Manufacturer, Trading Company

  • Elektrorecykling

    Address:UL. Kolejowa 36Business type:Manufacturer, Trading Company

  • AS-elektro

    Address:SokolowBusiness type:Trading Company

  • Menadzer

    Address:Ks Skwary 8Business type:Trading Company, Distributor/Wholesaler, Other

  • purepplasticscrap

    Address:netro cresend weshireBusiness type:Manufacturer, Trading Company, Distributor/Wholesa

  • Kazeina Polska

    Our company produces caseinates using as raw material technical/industrial casein.WE use the extrusion method combined with attrition grinding which effects in very good quality products.We started our production 1990 employing ...

    Address:Pilsudskiego 15Business type:Manufacturer

  • PPUH COMPANY LTD Sp. z o.o.

    Address:Wicka Rogali 1Business type:Manufacturer

  • ventruplastictrade

    Address:castle golden golf sortleBusiness type:Manufacturer, Trading Company, Distributor/Wholesa

  • recyplasticscrapltd

    Address:castle base humfry jeseBusiness type:Manufacturer, Trading Company, Distributor/Wholesa


    Address:7 HAPPY LINE STREET POLANDBusiness type:Manufacturer, Distributor/Wholesaler

  • alexpuh

    Address:22KILINSKIEGOBusiness type:Distributor/Wholesaler


    Address:Business type:Trading Company

  • Mega Service Recycling

    Address:kleszczowskaBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Artor Sp.zo.o

    Address:Business type:Manufacturer

  • scrapstocksales

    Address:railway meshgan cross baseBusiness type:Manufacturer, Trading Company, Distributor/Wholesa


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