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Mediclone Biotech Pvt. Ltd

Company Description

A Profile of Mediclone Biotech Pvt. Ltd. Mediclone Biotech Pvt. Ltd., a medical biotechnology company started in 1996 by a group of biotechnologists whom were trained in Europe and USA with an intent to indigenously manufacture various medical diagnostic and therapeutic tools using the state of the art Hybridoma Technology. To start with, Mediclone Biotech developed several monoclonals for various diagnostically relevant antigens such as Blood group antigens, Viral antigens (Hbs Ag), Harmones etc., and successfully designed diagnostic kits for the clinical laboratories. Blood grouping monoclonal antibody kits of Mediclone is an unique formulation for the first time in India to be produced and the kits were marketed through one of the top 10 pharma majors of India, Cadila Healthcare, Ahmedabad for first 5 years under the brand name Icon. The thrust of Mediclone to develop new diagnostic kits never stopped and new products been launched in regular intervals which include Typhoid testing kit, Syphilis testing kit, Rheumatic diseases diagnostic kit, Hepatitis B surface antigen detection kit, Diabetic and Kidney function detection and management kits are already in the market and regularly available for usage. Mediclone biotech is having well equipped in-house ***** and Q.A. laboratories to produce quality products as per U.S.P and I.P. Based on the merits and performance, Mediclone was accredited by WHO for quality production of various diagnostic products in the year 2003. Mediclone still have several monoclonal antibodies in stock to be evaluated for various cancer cell surface antigens. Many of these antibodies will be useful for tumor diagnosis and typing. Several intermediate filament proteins antibodies are under evaluation to develop a comprehensive tumor typing kit (carcinoma Sarcoma Lymphoma typing) for immuno histo-pathologists and immuno-cytologists. Mediclone has a unique one step assay development facility to produce rapid diagnostic kits for bed side testing. Urine test kit of Diabetic and Kidney disorders are really rapid tests and gives results in a minute or two. On the development of therapeutic biological, Mediclone have polyclonal and polyvalent antisera for snake venom. The Indian snake venom of four most dangerous venomous are selected to produce anti snake venom serum. A more specific but broad spectrum monoclonal antibody production for snake venom is underway to develop an alternate technology to the polyclonal antisera. The research endeavor of Mediclone Biotech goes down to unravel the myth of anti tumor or anti cancer effect of biological molecules from natural compounds are something worth to mention. The search for biological anti tumour agents has attracted more interest of Mediclone and it is of great interest to change cancer treatment from Chemotherapy to biotherapy using biological agents with minimal or no side or adverse effects. Snake venom is being looked at as a source of biological material, to do the above research at Mediclone . Expression of Integrins Vs anti Integrin monoclonals and biological disintegrin effects in tumor progression and metastasis development will elucidate the structure, function and signaling pathways of the Integrins, which will lead to new and exciting modalities for cancer diagnosis and therapy which is the focal point of Medcilones research program with a possible interactive research with Free University of Amsterdam. Mediclone has a strong R & D back up. We give high focus for Research and Development to indigenize various medical diagnostic and therapeutic biologicals. More than 30 Scientists are actively working in various Biotechnological specialties including hybridoma technology, Recombinant technology, Vaccinology and Nanobiotechnology. Our Research Departments are recognized by the Department of Science and Industrial Research (DSIR), Govt. of India and the Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India. In recognition to our research the Govt. of India under the Ministry of Science and Technology have approved 2 nationally acclaimed research projects for execution with a financial support and outlay of around Rs.12 Crores. The monoclonal antibody manufacturing facility at Bio-pavilion, Kelambakkam will be the first facility to produce monoclonal antibodies for commercial purpose in India. The other project which is under research would be the project of global important for the Snake bite victim. We are developing an alternate biotechnology method to produce neutralizing antibodies for snake bite victim which is the unique research project and the success of it will increase the pride of Mediclone internationally with huge commercial importance. Mediclone Biotech is committed to develop products which are having more social relevant and the rural population should have affordability to it. But the technology involved in this Bio-technology development called Hybridoma Technology is still considered to be a high end technology even though it was invented 20 years before. The trained manpower in Hybridoma technology is very limited in our country and hence we have a commitment to produce right manpower to the industry in collaboration with the University of Madras which is one of the oldest and socially committed University in India. In collaboration with University of Madras, we conduct one year Post Graduate Diploma programmes in Immunotechnology and also we have full fledged research collaboration with various departments of University of Madras.

Company Information

  • Country/Region: India
  • Address: 36/37 M.K Srinivasan nagar Main Road, Perungudi, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Website: www.mediclonebiotech.com
  • Business Type: Manufacturing
  • Main Products: We Manufacture Wide Range Of Blood Grouping Reagents, Clinical Chemistry, Immuno Serology, Rapid Kits As Well As Anti-snake Venom.,
  • Location: chennai, India
  • Year Established: 1996
  • Main Markets: Africa,Asia,Europe,Middle East,Oceania,Worldwide

Contact info

  • Contact Person: Mr. Edward Rosario
  • Department: Marketing Manager/Director
  • Telephone:
  • Mobilephone:
  • Fax Number:
  • Zip/Post Code: 600096

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