• Kwanglim Electronic Co., Ltd.

    Since we produced electronic calculators in September 1980, Gwanglim has exported and sold products overseas/domestic market up to present. With the know-how acquisition for 30 years, it started manufacturing selling hair clipper, ...

    Address:#220 Haechang-ri, Paltan-myeon, Hwasung-si,, Gyeonggi-doBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Carepeer Co., Ltd

    IntroductionCarepeer co., Ltd was established in 1996 with a history of more than 15 years specializing products manufactured by the disabled and elderly domestic supply company.Our experienced craftsmen on-site to meet customer's ...

    Address:298-36 Deokso-ri, Wabu-eup, Namyangju Si namyangju si, Gyeonggi-doBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Hplan Co., Ltd

    Advantages of BM-3000-Used as a hip heater-Maximization far infrared emission with red quartz tungsten heater lamps.-Facilitation oxygen in the abdomen by adopting magnetic system.-Prevention burns due to automatic detection and ...

    Address:KIA Motors Service Astory 159-4 Gamjeons-dong Sasang-gu , BusanBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Hansung Medical Co.,Ltd

    We are manufacturer for pressure steam sterilizer (Autoclave)Visit our website for further information.Thanks youHANSUNG MEDICAL CO.,LTD

    Address:81 Seoheung1-gil,Mokcheon-eup,dongnam-gu cheonan, Chungcheongnam-doBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Hugel Pharma Co., Ltd.

    Hugel and pharma keep evolution into a top-tier pharmaceutical company that meets the needs of both aesthetic market providing botulinum toxin, filler medical devices with high quality. ...

    Address:3fl, 169, BANGBAE-RO, SEOCHO-GU SEOUL KOREA, SeoulBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • ChungDo Pharm. Co. Ltd.

    We, ChungDo Pharm. Co. Ltd was established in 1991 for the purpose of manufacturing and exporting urine test strip Glucose, Protein, Occult Blood, pH, Nitrite, Bilirubin, Ketones, Urobilinogen, Speficif Gravity, Leucocytes.It is ...

    Address:202 High-tech venture town, 198-53 Hupyeong-dong,  Chuncheon, Gangwon-doBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • TOMATO M&C Co., Ltd.

    We, as one of leading medical product manufacturers and exporters in Korea, are specialized synthetic orthopedic casting tape, a fiberglass or polyester fabric coated with water-activated polyurethane resin, splint. Our years ...

    Address:593-1, Naecheon-ri, Seotan-myeon, Pyeongtaek-si,, Gyeonggi-doBusiness type:Manufacturer


    We are a leading company dealing with metal oxides such as cobalt oxide,nickel oxide and bismuth oxide produced in KOREA.

    Address:458-12 B02 Jeonmin-dong Yusong-gu Daejeon, Business type:Trading Company

  • Hanbit Nano Medical Co., Ltd.

    HANBIT NANO MEDICAL Co., Ltd. started business since 2002 as a certified medical device firm in Korea. MDC has manufactured home devices and supplies based on our own facility with patent distributed health care supplements. Also, ...

    Address:55-4, Gwanhee bldg 2F, Unjung-dong, Bundang-gu, Gyeonggi-doBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Zero One Mediline

    We are the manufacturer of electronic massager, hospital bed, rehabilitation equipment, exerciser, several kinds chair and furniture used in hospital.Launched new medical vibrator. Obtained 01M7 CE certificate.Recognized as an ...

    Address:5439-1, Sangdaewon-dong Joongwon-gu, Sungnam, Gyeonggi-doBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • H3 System Co., Ltd.

    H3 system is a promising company in the fields of home healthcare and ubiquitous healthcare. Tele-healthcare usually consists various kinds technologies, such as bio-sensors, telecommunication networks, diagnostic tools, ...

    Address:3F, 397-27, Doryoung-dong, Yuseong-gu,, DaejeonBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Senbitec Co., Ltd.

    We, SENBITEC Co., Ltd. is a promising developer and manufacturer of light-based aesthetic medical treatment system. We pursue perfection in everything we do with our rich experience abundant technologies.We are proud to show the ...

    Address:#3F, 31, LS-ro 182beon-gil, Gunpo-si, Gyeonggi-doBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • JW Care Co.

    We, JW Care Co., are an international market specialty company aiming for maximizing our customer's satisfaction.

    Address:207 GBMC Building 155-1 Juchon Kimhae, Gyeongsangnam-doBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Korea Meditech(Medical) Industry Co., Ltd.

    As a K.FDA (Korea health authority) approved company, we manufacture medical lasers etc and also export lasers etc worldwide.Most products have passed CE certification.

    Address:299-198, Sungsoo 2-Ga Sungdong-Gu, SeoulBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Jung Gong Sa Co.,Ltd

    Address:Namsun BLDG, Myong-dong, Chung-Gu, Seoul, Korea Seoul, SeoulBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • AMI Industry Co., Ltd.

    AMI Industry Company has been one of the most leading manufacturers medical brace & orthosis for orthopedics, sports rehabilitations last 40 years since June, 1965 with its line, Dr.Med and we have renowned specialized company in ...

    Address:980-61, Jangnim-dong, Saha-gu,, BusanBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Sunmeditec Co,.Ltd.

    Korea with glorious cultural heritages, the star of Asia, has world best technology in semiconductor, PDP, IT industry and etc. based on diligence sincere nationalism, excellent human resources. Sunmeditec Corporation which does ...

    Address:#3415, BI Center, Vision college of Jeonju, 1070 Hyoja-dong 2ga Wansan-gu, Jeonju, Jeollabuk-doBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Korea Melsmon Co., Ltd.

    Korea Melsmon co., Ltd.Establishment : 2001Products : Thrombo Kit (PRP Kit), Push-man, Air-man

    Address:401 Aone Plaza,#269-6 Seohyeon-dong,Bundang-gu,Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-doBusiness type:Trading Company

  • BioMaterials Korea, Inc.

    BioMaterials Korea, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of precision orthodontic products and osteosynthesis(OMF, CMF, Plastic, Neuro surgical bone screw, plate instrument) products. has its own R&D center which strives to make not ...

    Address:Room. 506, 55 Digital-ro 34-gil Guro-gu,, SeoulBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Odic Co., Ltd

    HAMIEL ZETA is a casting machine which offers you totally innovative function with its compact body and durability. With current system large quantity of metal was wasted however our ZETA, just needs 50% that needed for system. has won ...

    Address:902-2 Bdong, Ssangyong IT twin tower, Sangdaewon-dong 442-5 Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-doBusiness type:Manufacturer