Maxwell China Limited

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Back Mirror, Inner Mirror, Chain Damper, Steering Pad, Up Clutch Kit, Down Clutch Kit, Inner Box, Valve oil Seal, Steering Pad, Brake Pad, Brake Shoe, Brake Pedal, Clutch Facing, Front Grill, Engine Bearing, Ball Joint, Chain Adjuster, Oil Switch, Fuel Filter, Oil Filter, Sproket, Universal Joint, Seals, Top Gasket Kit, Starting Coil, Engine Ignitor, Switch Key, Auto Lamp, Winker Lamp, Wiper Blade, Capactior/Codenser, Coil Resistor, Relay, Carbon Brush, Halogen Bulb, Vehicle Bulb, Electric Bulb, Frosted Bulb, Mercury tube, Fluorescent Bulb, Mercury tube, Fluorescent bulb, Bicycle pump, Liquid Packing Machine, Drawing tools, Staple Machine, China canvas shoes, Motorcycle Helmet, Playing Card, Welding Electrode, Gear Pedal, Clutch Fiber, Chain case, Fuel Tank, Exhaust Neck, Break Switch, Wheel Rim, Inner Kicm, Motorcycle Staring Shift, Rear Foot Rest, Flasher, Valve Accessory, Water Tap, Socket, Spoke, Wheel Lock, Spring, Double Driver, Shaft/Steering Hose, Motorcycle Chain, Steel Bath Tub, Iron Nails, China Nails/Common Nails, Twisted Nails, Cement Nails, Cupper Nails, Roofing Nails, Nut, Bolt and nut, B.A.Screw, Screw Nails, Binding Ring, Bicycle Tube, Motorcyel Tube, Motorcycle Tyre, Staple Pin, Baby Diaper, Carpet Castors, Windowpane Raiser, Ceramic Santary Ware, Carbon Paper and so on.

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  • Contact Person: Christina Gong
  • Job Title: Sales Manager
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