Linyi Sita Chain Co., Ltd

Company Description

With our skilled workers and advanced technology, we can produce a rich variety of items. such as: WELDED LINK CHAIN,SNOW CHAIN( TIRE CHAIN, SKID CHAIN ), WELDLESS CHAIN( SINGLE JACK CHAIN, SASH CHAIN ), PET CHAIN(ANIMAL CHAIN, DOG CHAIN),STAINLESS STEEL CHAIN, OVAL CHAIN, ROUND RING CHAIN, etc. All of our goods under strict quality control.

Company Information

Contact info

  • Contact Person: Zhenchao Cui
  • Department: Marketing Manager/Director
  • Telephone:
  • Mobilephone:

Related Product

  • Stainless steel chain
  • Snow steel chain
  • DIN 5685A/C steel link chain
  • DIN764 steel link chain
  • DIN766 steel link chain
  • DIN763 steel link chain
  • Animal link chain
  • NACM90 chain
  • EG Ordinary Mild Steel Link Chain
  • EG welded Ordinary mild steel chain

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