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Hongneng Green Technology Steel Constru

Company Description

Aemitec(C) Pte Ltd , focus on the system design and technology of green houses. Aemitec products include steel structure workershop, warehouse, light steel structure and wood structure houses, residential villa, container houses, modular houses, and residential supporting system of the solar, LED lighting and other environmental protection products. With the design, the overall solution of manufacturing, installation and service ability.Now in response to market demand, Aemitec solemnly launched a new generation of environmentally friendly products -- detachable container housing and light steel and wood structure house. Container house are widely used in mines, construction sites, the labor camp, army barracks and disaster temporary housing. The advantages of container house than the previous product is to transport more convenient, cost saving, convenient assembly, can be used repeatedly. Light steel and wood structure house more suitable for resort as well as improve the type of housing to promote, and has the advantages of fully integrated steel structure and light wood structure strengths, in the structural safety, cost and construction of fast degree increase significantly.Aemitec(C) Pte Ltd always believed that building is not only a technical problem, insist to serve the society, to serve the community, factors of relationship between building and economy, social culture and environment more consideration in design of products, through suitable material, low cost, applicable technology and establish open system design, to reduce the cost and technical threshold, in line with the green environmental protection, energy efficiency and carbon reduction.

Company Information

  • Country/Region: China
  • Address: jianping road, foshan, Other, China
  • Business Type: Others
  • Main Products: Steel Structure,
  • Year Established: 2006
  • Number Of Employess: 100+
  • Main Markets: Worldwide

Contact info

  • Contact Person: Ms.Lisa Zhang
  • Department: Manufacturing/Production/Operations
  • Telephone:
  • Mobilephone:
  • Fax Number:
  • Zip/Post Code: 5128000

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