HighTite Chemicals Co., Ltd

Company Description

Hightite?line of UV light cure adhesives cure instantly under UV light. Hightite offer the adhesives wide variety of applications for bonding, coating, tacing, protecting and sealing. Such as liquid crystal displays, optical lens, electronic connection fixed, BGA around the bonding, FPC reinforcement, solder pot protection, cable fixation. UV light cure adhesives meet the criterion of SGS?RoHS.HT8803 UV Light Cure Adhesive --Thixotropic viscosity, fill a large gap --Touch free excellent, cure instantly --Typical Applications: Computer cable fixed Package?30ml/syringe 1 kg/barrelHT8805 UV Light Cure Adhesive --Thixotropic high viscosity, touch free excellent --Low shrinkage, low water absorption --Typical Applications: Chip peripheral bonding Package: 30ml/syringe 1 kg/barreHT8006 UV Light Cure Adhesive --Medium ?high viscosity , Excellent bonding --Flexible --Typical Applications?FPC Reinforce?lens fixed Package?30ml/syringe 1 kg/barrelHT8352 UV Light Cure Adhesive --Medium viscosity, touch freeexcellent --Flexible, repair easily --Typical Applications: for bonding metal, glass, plastics Package?30ml/syringe 1 kg/barrelHT8106 UV Light Cure Adhesive --Medium viscosity, touch free excellent --High transparency, flow easily --Typical Applications?Bonding optical instruments Package?30ml/syringe 1 kg/barrelHT8421 UV Light Cure Adhesive --High viscosity --High transparency, Prevention of yellowing --Typical Applications?Bonding plastics Package?30ml/syringe 1 kg/barrel

Company Information

  • Country/Region: China
  • Address: No 40.,QingNian Road,ZhiFu DC Yantai, Shandong
  • Website: hightite.com
  • Business Type: Manufacturer
  • Main Products: Uv Light Cure Adhesive,
  • Location: Shandong
  • Year Established: 2003
  • Number Of Employess: 11 - 50
  • Total Revenue: USD 1,000,001 - 2,000,000

Contact info

  • Contact Person: Ronn Craze
  • Job Title: Business Manager
  • Telephone:
  • Mobilephone:
  • Fax Number:

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