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Hefei Wanxiang Building Materials Co., Ltd

Company Description

Hefei wanxiang building materials Co., Ltd. is located in the city center of Hefei, the humanity here is assembled, easily accessible. The company is established in 2005, are devoted to the reseach of the skill products of new wall, produce, sell to comprehensive enterprises. The company is divided into departments of main platform such as the research and development centre of the products, production base, comprehensive popularization center of market, service centre of information, ***** What the company developed recently is new " the silk was caused " the skill paint of wall, filled in the blank of the domestic coating trade. The company utilizes popularization of e-commerce, " the silk is caused " the skill paint of wall to put forth effort to make the company products. Hefei univesal building materials Co., Ltd. manage mainly coating, all kinds of wall skill paint product as follows, splendid metal paint, the skin texture paint in various shapes, the cloud silk paint overflowing with enthusiasm, good and cheap unreal color wall paper paint, noble and refined diamond paint is smooth like the green Malaysian paint, line paint of color, artistic coating of thick thick liquid, special-purpose paint of Karaoka disc, gold mooring paint, real stone paint, imitating paint of sand, slate paint, marble paint, emulsion paint, outer wall to protect, hotel, hotel, dancing hall, commercial affair all kinds of will, top-grade office building, bedroom, background wall, etc. ornamental new revolution of wall. Company in line with customer starting point in body and mind, create most close, healthy, desirable wall, the ones that engaged in the internal and external walls and have no time in specialized technology are represented!

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  • Contact Person: Mr. Rui Hu
  • Department: General Manager
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  • Zip/Post Code: 230051

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