• Wyeth Korea Co., Ltd.

    Wyeth Korea, Inc. (Baek-Hee Kang, Representative Director and President) is a multi-national pharmaceutical company established in 1982 through collaboration with American Cyanamid Yuhan Corporation. The has been active as an ...

    Address:59-5 Dangjeong-dong Gunpo-si, Gyeonggi-doBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Saehan Contact Lens Co,.Ltd.

    We have specialty in manufacturing Hard Contact Lens since its foundation 1981.Features:Oxygen Penetration FunctionComputor Engineering and DesignedDiversity of Radius SizeEmployees:70 Persons ...

    Address:R'm521,196 Yuchon Factopia,Anyang7-Dong Anyang-Si, Gyeonggi-doBusiness type:-

  • Natural Law

    Since Established in 2005, Natural Law is developing, manufacturing, distributing and selling dental tools as well carrying on retail trade managing online shopping mall, trying to produce convenient instruments improve the ...

    Address:84-72 Hangangro2, Yongsan-Gu, Seoul Yongsan-Gu, SeoulBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • BB Partner.co.,Ltd.

    1. MissionTo be a innovative and creative partner in the areas of trading, business development strategic consulting based on many years good relationships with Korean Pharmaceutical, Food Chemical Companies.2. Business Area 1) ...

    Address:#502 Century Officetel, 1589-5  Seocho-Dong, Seocho-Ku, SeoulBusiness type:Trading Company

  • PharmaChem Co., Ltd.

    We are trading company specialized in pharmaceutical related items such as raw material, finished products, machinery, nutraceuticals, cosmoceuticals and so on. Please kindly offer all of interesting item to us. ...

    Address:#201, SoWha Bldg., 924-2, Dogok-dong, KangNam-Ku, SeoulBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Newgenpharm Inc.

    This is newly registered company and its company description will be updated shortly.Please revisit in the near future.

    Address:1596-7, Bongchon-7dong Gwanak-gu, SeoulBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Bidet Expert Group Co., Ltd

    We are the leading manufacturer and exporter of sanitary bidet in Korea. Our products boast various features that answer your specific needs.We produce 50,000 units bidets yearly with strict QC to assure you a quality can trust, ...

    Address:980-5, Daechi-3dong Kangnam-gu, SeoulBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Kwanglim Electronic Co., Ltd.

    Since we produced electronic calculators in September 1980, Gwanglim has exported and sold products overseas/domestic market up to present. With the know-how acquisition for 30 years, it started manufacturing selling hair clipper, ...

    Address:#220 Haechang-ri, Paltan-myeon, Hwasung-si,, Gyeonggi-doBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Pyrogen Co., Ltd.

    About usWe are specialized manufacturers of oriental herb products such as mask pack for skin care and hot body cream health which was established in 2011.We have developed is made up more than 10 kinds extracts, alternative to ...

    Address:381-1, Sungdang-dong, Dalseo-gu,  Daegu, DaeguBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • O2N Co., Ltd.

    O2N Co., Ltd. promises to become a world-trusted company based on creative high-technologies in terms of air pump, oxygen generator and bio products.Our focus is human health welfare with our massage therapy machine, portable ...

    Address:401, Asan-gwan Kangwon National University, 192-1 Hyoja-dong, Chuncheon-si,, Gangwon-doBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Bionics Medical Co., Ltd.

    BIONICS MEDICAL Inc. is a R/D oriented company which possesses newest technologies of life science and runs one-stop-system from the ideas environmental well-being households skin care equipments to their design, devlopment, ...

    Address:971-19, Wolchul-dong,  Buk-gu,, GwangjuBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Jinseang Agricultural Cooperative

    Hello, my name is Lee Myung-hoon and I'm the President of Jin-seng Agricultural Cooperative. Welcome to our homepage! We are located in UNESCO World Natural Heritage Jeju Island. Our co-op enters into 1:1 contracts with local grain ...

    Address:2217 Dorun 1-dong, Jeju-si,, Jeju-doBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Chung Myung Natural Science Co., Ltd.

    Chungmyung Natural Science Co., Ltd. is well aware that one of the life goals everybody pursues living a healthy and looking beautiful. In order to help them achieve such goals, our company has been conducting continuous Research & ...

    Address:#401, Yuwon Bldg., 1060-17, Namhyeon-dong,  Gwanak-gu,, SeoulBusiness type:Distributor/Wholesaler

  • Silu Love

    We are manufacturing and selling high quality heating rice cake.And we will do our best to be a healty company with the great growth potential andCompetitiveness. Thank you for your support given company.Based on accumulated ...

    Address:228-11 Wonnae-dong Yuseong-gu, DaejeonBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • MAXWEAR Inc.

    which supply cosmetics and health food all over the world. Our company is making health food and cosmetics.Our product is exported to the several countries.

    Address:2F, 797-9  Yangcheon-gu, Mok 4-dong, SeoulBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • BEDEL Koera Co., Ltd.

    BEDELKOREA is established in 2006, and of which main item to export the functional food product extracted from pine needle oil. We succeed manufacturing oil rare raw material needle.In 2009, we succeeded exporting China, our was ...

    Address:1f, Bedel Bldg., 34, Goji 3-gil, Jeongnam-myeon Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-doBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • World Food Co., Ltd.

    The enterprise-oriented environment-friendly, which is based on the life-friendly, 'natural', 'healthy' healing 'World Food Co., Ltd.First, because it an important element that root nature of environment in we live are all answers ...

    Address:27, Pungseo 1-gil, Pungse-myeon, Dongnam-gu, Cheonan-si,, Chungcheongnam-doBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • BDS Corp.

    the medical benefits of moxa (치네올, 아타넨, 코린, 타닌, 코로로핀, vitamin A, C and B1, B2, B6) this is an epoch-making product for diet curing gynecological diseases. Health Keeper works as excellent effect it can ...

    Address:662 Ilwon-dong Gangnam-gu  Seoul, Republic of KoreaBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Pokwang Houttuynlae CO., LTD

    I am Suh Doo-suk, a farmer specialized in Houttuynlae farming all my life and managing Korean traditional food company designated by the Ministry of Agriculture Forestry Republic Korea. My processed foodstuffs add no aniline dyes, ...

    Address:676 Daepo-ri, Beolgyo-eup Boseong-gun, Jeollanam-doBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Jeonkook Machinery Company

    I extend a warm welcome to you, our valued clients. want thank you for visiting the website Jeon Kook Machinery Company. A specialist company robotic automation, displayed much pioneering spirit early on especially as first in Korea ...

    Address:598, Namchon-dong Namdong-gu, IncheonBusiness type:Manufacturer

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