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Hangzhou Ruijiang Crop Science Co., Ltd.

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Hangzhou Ruijiang Crop Science Co.,Ltd is a sustainable company, holding by Ruijiang Group since 1973 which is regarded as one of the leading chemical companies in China.. We are focusing on supporting the most reasonable and competitive products to farmers all around the world, meanwhile committed to the development of global agriculture.

As one of the most important part of RUIJIANG GROUP, We are dedicated in agriculture solutions, and established a GLP joint laboratory to provide our customers on registration, analysis services and the third-party testing. With experienced sales team and technician team, our customers of long cooperation are all over the world, and finished many agrochemical registrations with our supports. RUIAGRO and PLIXIR-CHINA are two brands well received by customers.

Quality and service are thought highly of always, as to be the No.1 consistent quality agrochemical products supplier inChinais what we pursue.

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  • EDDHA Fe 6%
  • Seaweed Extract Organic fertilizer
  • Tea Seed Meal without straw/Tea Seed cake for Aquaculture, for crops, ...
  • Amino Acid 45% Organic fertilizer no Cl and no Salt/CAS: 56-86-0
  • DDVP80% EC
  • Paraquat 20% SL
  • Emamectin Benzoate 1.9%EC
  • Cypermethrin 92% TC
  • Isoproturon 50% SC
  • Glyphosate 480g/l SL
  • Potassium humate flake, 95% water soluble organic fertilizer, humic ac...
  • Liquid humic acid, high content, for Foliar fertilizer and Drip
  • pesticide Insecticide Abamectin 1.8%EC, 3.6%EC,95%TC
  • Agrochemical Insecticide Acetamiprid 20%SP 20%SL 70%WP 97%TC factory
  • Factory supply chlorpyrifos 15%WP 48% 480g/l EC 95% 97% TC
  • Cypermethrin 5%EC 10%EC 20%EC 95%TC
  • Diazinon 95%TC,60%SC,10%G 50%EC our strong product
  • Liquid Algae/Alga Fertilizer, Seaweed Extract organic fertilizer/Alga ...
  • SAP;the best super absorbent polymer;CAS NO.:9003-04-7;SAP for baby di...
  • Best super absorbent polymer, SAP for Agriculture use, water retention...
  • Manganese sulfate 30% granule/ Sulphate fertilizer, for feed additives
  • Glp Manufacturer imidacloprid 10%WP,20%SL,35%SC,70%WDG,97%TC
  • Manufacturer/Copper sulfate pentahydrate agriculture grade /feed addit...
  • Natural plant hormone brassinolide BR 0.01% SP, 90% TC/ Plant growth r...
  • Best quality Plant Growth Regulator PRG ga-3 for potato/Gibberellin Ac...
  • Potassium Fulvic/Fulvic Acid powder,/Foliar Spray Organic Fertilizer/P...
  • 1-MCP(1-methylcyclopropene)
  • Natural plant hormone oxolinic acid 99%/ Plant growth regulator
  • Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis(Bti)
  • HOT SALE Abamectin 95%TC with high quality.
  • HOT SALE Abamectin 1.8% / 2.0% EC with high quality.
  • Cheapest Super absorbent polymer for diaper, SAP for Agriculture use, ...
  • Hot Sale Acetochlor 92% 95%TC ( Technical ) Herbicide agrochemicals GL...
  • Hot seller Insecticides DDVP 95%/98%TC
  • Hot Sell Fungicides Azoxystrobin 95% 96% 97% 98%TC High Quality.

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