Company Description

HALA is one of the leading forklift suppliers in UAE, having a wide range of forklifts starting from the lifting capacity of 0.5 ton to up to 46 tons. Our scope of operations includes New forklifts (Diesel, Electric, LPG and Gasoline), Forklift attachments (Sideshifts, Fork positioners, Multi-fork positioners, Paper roll clamps, Bale clamps, Concrete block clamps, Drum clamps, Load clamps for foam blocks), Spare parts, Repair and maintenance facility, Forklift rentals & Side loader rentals.

We also have added the following products to the range this year,

Container handlers, Empty and Full
Forklifts from 10 Tons to 46 Tons
Side loading forklifts for handling long articles
Explosion Proof forklifts for hazardous area operations
Stone mining forklift 16 Tons (4x4) for stone handling in Mines and
Quarries and Wheel Loaders
Tow tractors of all types, sizes and applications, for all pulling, towing,
production to warehouse movements of large loads, moving

Company Information

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  • Contact Person: Mr. Mohsin Abbas
  • Department: Sales
  • Job Title: Sales Manager
  • Telephone:
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