• Red-sail Seaport Handicrafts Co Ltd

    We are one specialized manufacturer majoring in various wooden ship models,specialize antique warship.we offered only a few famous tall sailing ships and have grown to offer wide variety from periods of history. such as ...

    Address:8th Floor, Chayuan Building, Tanxiao Road, Kunming,  Kunming, YunnanBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Jade Peacock Handicraft Co., Ltd.

    Jade Peacock Handicraft Company Ltd. was established in 2005, we have been specializing manufacturing and exporting Yunnan national handicrafts,including Ethnic bags,Folk Jewelry other kinds of handicrafts. We groups the ...

    Address:No.6 Baoguo Street, Wuhua District,Kunming,Yunnan,China Kunming, YunnanBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Dali Marbles Inc.

    Dali Marbles is a factory from Dali, Yunnan of China, which experienced in manufacturing and exporting marble handicrafts since 1992. We are dealing many products Marbles, stones onyx, e.g. Vases, Urns, Boxes, Columns, Plates, Wine ...

    Address:Marble Processing Park, Dali, Yunnan, China Dali, YunnanBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Kunming Hanhang Traditional Folk Handicrafts Co.,Ltd.

    Our company is located in colorful Yunnan Province with bright and ethical culture. We continuously assimilate these cultures to create more series of folk handcraft products. products have local features include Traditional ...

    Address:Xiba Xincun, Kunming, Yunnan, China Kunming, YunnanBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Boyichuang Science & Technology Co.,Ltd

    we are kunming boyichuang science & technology development company.we the professional flatbed printer manufacturer in China.our company started producing printers 1996, and have more than 10 years占쏙옙��erience ...

    Address:Kaiyue Building,No.28 Baiyun Boad,Kunming,Yunnan,China Kunming, YunnanBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Amazeland Folk Art Co,.Ltd

    we are a company doing business of exporting mostly China's art crafts as silver items,batik and embroidries and so on.

    Address:BaiMa XiaoQu GaoCeng 4 Dong 703#, Kunming China kunming, yunnanBusiness type:Trading Company

  • Yunnan Dongtaixing Industry Co., LTD.

    Walnut is something for good luck, the Chinese pronunciation of partial tone as “harmony”, and it symbol welfare, safety, wealth, can turn ill luck into good. As story goes, craftwork in house take Jinni will bless guard you.In 1778, ...

    Address:YunNan KunMing Kunming, YunnanBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Yi Bai Lumber Processing Factory

    Our factory established in 2004 at Kun Ming City Yun Nan Province P.R China with more than 60 employees.Our main business is to process various lumber into wooden products. The football our new product. By several manual working ...

    Address:2-101 No.46 BaiMa South Residential Quater Xi'Shan Area Kunming, YunnanBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • PCYT Chinese Ethical Handcraft Co., Ltd

    Our company is a comprehensive international trade company, which located in Yunnan , China. We have our own manufactory lot of skillful handcraft workmen include well designers and artists who could provide any unique design or shapes ...

    Address:4-1-701 Liangyou Polt, #410 Guanshang Road , Kunming City,650200 CHINA Kunming, YunnanBusiness type:Trading Company

  • Kunming Together Trade Co.,Ltd

    Kunming Together Trade Co.,Ltd (Shanga-rila Co.,ltd)We are a professional Company specializing in Search and Promotion of Tibet Cultural. After 10 Years Search, we have been Produced Solar Powered Prayer Wheel. Our Products can be ...

    Address:No.1513 Xicheng Building. Kunming RenMing West Road Kunming, YunnanBusiness type:Distributor/Wholesaler

  • Qiuli Handicraft Iternational Trade Co.,Ltd

    Our company, which is one of the best yunnan minority handicrafts products agency in China. We would like to supply high-class products and satisfy every customer's needs.

    Address:Room22-3-702,Yancaoerhaolu, Wenminghuayuan Kunming, YunnanBusiness type:Trading Company

  • Deli Jade Carving & Trading

    Deli Jade Carving & Trading, established on Feb.1995,is located in Tengchong County,Yunnan Province ,China,which is closed to Burma(Myanmer) which renowned for its gem stone,especially jadeite jade.We are specilized Burmese ...

    Address:NO.2-5 Tengchong Jewellery trading Center,Tengchong,Baoshan,Yunnan,China  Kunming, YunnanBusiness type:Distributor/Wholesaler

  • xiamenshushenngwuwang

    Address:yunnandalixiezilou9hao xiamen, yunnanBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Indigenous Pottery Studio

    The author of the open air depth Yunnan minorities, ethnic minorities from most primitive collection totem mask. religious objects such as containers and materials, these materials can be traced back to times ....... minority in It ...

    Address:China. Yunnan. Yi village west of Kunming Akimune Kunming, YunnanBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • TEST994

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    Address:test Diqing, YunnanBusiness type:Trading Company

  • Jinggu Eastro Handicrafts R&D Ltd.

    Built in 2004,now has more than 300 workers.we have 400 items about wooden crafts.All the crafts are made of high class mango wood,now vases,bowls,candle holders,pots,boxes,and some furniture.As well new developing.We try to make ...

    Address:Rm 723-724,Huixi Building,Mid-guanshang Road Kunming, YunnanBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Kunming United Optics Co.

    Kunming United Optics Corporation is a fully integrated design and manufacture enterprise, we was launching in 2001 by several individuals who have good experienced the optical field about ten years, now, grouped up an innovative ...

    Address:2007 Ke Gao Road Kunming, YunnanBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Kunming Red-sail Seaport Handicrafts Co.,Ltd

    We are one specialized manufacturer majoring in various wooden ship models,specialize antique warship.we offered only a few famous tall sailing ships and have grown to offer wide variety from periods of history. such as ...

    Address:2F,60 Xinying Road Kunming, YunnanBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • KSMP Gifts Factory

    With headquarters Located in Kunshan, JiangSu province, KSMP Gifts Factory is a professional OEM factory, which specializing manufacturing and exporting various souvenirs promotional gifts. We are striving to establish ...

    Address:No. 188 Baita Road, Kunming Kunming, YunnanBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Dali Mengsong Marble Factory

    We produce Marble handicrafts like marble vases,marble urns, dishes, candle holders, sake set, cups, fruit bowls and so on.All the items listed are handcrafted by artisans in Dali, China. ...

    Address:Dali City Kunming, YunnanBusiness type:Manufacturer

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