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Foshan Super Glass Ind Co.,Ltd

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Xuban Glass Co., Ltd engaged in the professional production of architectural glass and home appliance glass. Architectural glass includes bending toughed glass, folder-bending plastic glass, insulating glass and glazing glass. And home appliance glass includes bending toughed glass and glazing glass. There are two horizontal safety glass production lines, two horizontal and curved safety glass production lines, one horizontal successive safety glass production lines, two successive curved safety glass production lines, one hollow glass production line, two gluing glass production line and many sets of equipment for cutting, edging, holing and hot curved glass, which are related to above-mentioned production line related. The comprehensive production ability of the plate glass is a pioneer in the domestic glass industry, and the processing cycle of the comprehensive products is short to guarantee meeting demands of user.
Guangdong Foshan Super Glass Co., Ltd has attached great importance to production technology control, product quality check, and product research and development through investing a large amount of manpower, including abundant glass professional personages and intermediate engineers working in deep process technology and material resources. The personnel engaged in producing and research all have the working experience in relevant field for more than ten years. More than tons of original slices of glass are stored to offer customer with high-quality products and service.
In sum, Guangdong Foshan Super Glass Co., Ltd is totally capable to offer first-class product and first-class service to guarantee both quality and quantity for customer's enquiry.
IF ANY I CAN HELP, PLS NO HESITATE TO CONTACT ME at fssuperglass(at)gmail.com

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  • Contact Person: Mr. Fok Gary
  • Department: Sales
  • Job Title: Director/CEO/General Manager
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  • Zip/Post Code: 528225

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