• Ecosys Korea

    Ecology such as green, recycling, energy saving are now the most concern for many nations.Many countries and eventually will be suffering from lack of resources have to worry about pollutions. Now conservation resources, eliminating ...

    Address:2F, 212-19 Nonhyun-dong Gangnam-gu, SeoulBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • INB air Co., Ltd.

    INBair is one of the leading companies for air purifier, sterilizer and oxygen generator in Seoul, Korea.INBair certified guaranteed by Seoul Metropolitan Government as "Hi-Seoul Brand". The concept technology ...

    Address:4F, Jisan IT venture center, 15, Beotkkot-ro 12-gil, Geumcheon-gu,, SeoulBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Kenteck Korea

    KENTECK KOREA CO. LTD means Korea Environment Technology Kingdom.We have developed environment friendly equipment.Our products has been devoting to purifying polluted air and interior air. We are always focusing more convenient ...

    Address:Gozane-dong 713-15 Namdong-Gu, IncheonBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • TK Trading Co., Ltd

    With many years of military supplying experience,TK Trading is plunging into the subsitute medicine field to help the patient cure by his/her own self cure ability.

    Address:#5-71, 14/1 Mapo-Gu, SeoulBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Midoland Co., Ltd.

    The more cities are developed, the environment facilities needed. We make beautiful tree protect board of which nobody can imitate unique design and carefully selected materials. "what drives you to real innovative challeging ...

    Address:4F, Joongjung Bldg., 874-15, Bangbae-dong, Seocho-gu,, SeoulBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Bumjin Engneering

    Thanks to high demands from industry, we focus not only on academic-industrial development but also manufacturing and supplying a variety of test equipments experimental devices required develop produce internationally ...

    Address:254-4, Gyesu-dong Siheung-si, , Gyeonggi-doBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Joongbo Chemical Co.,Ltd

    waste management consists of 3 categories; PET recycling, landfill management, RPF business. We are specialized in this fields for about 25 years and have much experienced our JV establishment.

    Address:10F, Paradise Venture Tower 708-33, Yeoksam-dong, Kangnam-gu Seoul, SeoulBusiness type:Trading Company

  • We & World

    Dear Mr visitor,Being located in Korea, we are one of a leading manufacture and supplier Bio-Media filter made PVA PU material which has so high efficiency wastewater treatment system. We pursue stop service for our precious customer ...

    Address:Young Deung po 5-ga, Iask Bld 303ho  Young Deung po-gu, SeoulBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Shintek Corporation

    Our company shintek corporation is a special machinery manufacturer that only study and make recycling system (crusher, screen, trommel so on) for construction waste, since 1999.Our strong point advanced technology result from ...

    Address:Gyeonggi Small & Medium Business Center #906-5 Lui-dong,  Yeongtong-gu Suwon, Gyeonggi-doBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • UIF Co., Ltd.

    After established private co. in Mar. 1988, We are top leading for environmental protection plants, systems Korea. Especially we have many sales reference list of wastewater treatments, Air purifing waste mat'l handling even ...

    Address:#89, Ilsng p.o box , Ilsngdong-gu,  Koyang-si,, Gyeonggi-doBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Netblue

    We,NETBLUE, are a leading manufacturer of Patient Monitoring Systems in South Korea. We exporting these products to forerign countries as reliable supplier and have good reputation this field. will undoubtedly bring you the most ...

    Address:#808 Mobile Techno Bldg., 573-13, Bokhyeon-dong, Buk-gu, DaeguBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • J Micron Co., Ltd.

    Operation #1-Plating Connectors(Gold/Spot Gold, Tin/Tin(Sn) Reflow,Nickel)-Plating LED/Ledframe(Silver/Spot Silver, Pure Palladium)-Plating Flat Flexible Calble(FFC)(Gold)*Patent*(Reel to Reel Process)Operation ...

    Address:1048-9 Shingil Dong Danwon Gu Ansan, Gyeonggi-doBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Jayeon Science Industry Co., Ltd.

    Jayeon Science Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 1979 to supply pyrolsis incinerators using discarded tires, that are normally burned as waste spite of their being a valuable souce high heat energy. It imperative we maximize ...

    Address:598-6 Sanueng-ri, Jinkuen-eup, Namyangju-si,, Gyeonggi-doBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Dongil Greensys Co., Ltd.

    The people's interest in nowadays are about how living quality can be upgraded a clear environment, and many developed countries actively searching for the sustained-development models to achieve both economic development ...

    Address:2-319, Dae Ryoong Post Tower, 182-13, Guro-dong Guro-gu, SeoulBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Korea Ener Research Institute Co., Ltd.

    Our research institute which consists of teams with professors and doctors engineering thinks that global village is our competition stage. With the best technology, product system, we are researching developing new products. We see ...

    Address:Chang-ub Bo-yuk center 411, 352-21, Uam-ro, Dong-gu,, DaejeonBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Gemvax & Kael Co., Ltd.

    Gemvax & Kael is a premier material business that has localized chemical filter and gas scrubber for the first time semiconductor display machinery manufacture field supplied nuclear power facilities, incineration plants, ...

    Address:58, Techno 11-ro, Daedeok-gu,, DaejeonBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • HanSol Trade Co.

    Charcoal is product of nature, that had been used by our ancestors from generation to as a scientific living necessity. Recently people have more interest in health and well-being, the effects charcoal become truly appreciated, thus ...

    Address:3Da-207, Sihwa Industrial Complex, 1276-6 Jeongwang-dong, Siheuns-si,, Gyeonggi-doBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • GCM Korea Co., Ltd.

    GCM Korea, the eco-friendly company that cares about environment first, has developed "high-performing natural water treatment agent mainly made from minerals" and applies it for purpose of purifying river, lake, sea, ...

    Address:#701, Deogam building, 324-10, Ojeon-dong, Uiwang-si,, Gyeonggi-doBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • IIRAS Korea

    Trading Agency Company/DistributorLocated in S. Korea臾댁������Trading AgencyWorking for trading dept.Trading outsourcing.

    Address:Woncheon Dong Suwon City, Gyeonggi-doBusiness type:Distributor/Wholesaler

  • APS TECH Co., Ltd.

    Since the establishment in 1996, APS TECH CO., LTD. has been an eco-friendly company that contributed to improvement of healthy and preservation nature.We, have acquired many international authentications like ISO 9001 : 2008 ...

    Address:39,Deokpyeong-Ro, Baegam-Myeon, Cheoin-Gu Yongin-City, Gyeonggi-doBusiness type:Manufacturer

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