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Danyang Wishful Optical Co., Ltd.

Company Description

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the professional optical lens manufacturers from China, with a wide range of Optical Lenses, including Glass Optical Lenses, Plastic Optical Lenses, Sunglasses Lenses, Progressive Lenses, Photochromic lenses, PC Lenses, Polarized Lenses, Bifocal Lenses, and Aspheric Lenses. Our products are exported to the USA, Canada, Spain, South America, the Middle East and Asia.

We have specialized in this line for a couple of years, enjoying a great reputation across the globe. We have achieved great achievement in recent years. It will be a great pleasure for us to receive your inquiries for any of the items against which we will send you our lowest quotations.

We are looking forward to your favorable and prompt reply.

Company Information

Contact info

  • Contact Person: Mr. Bill Gao
  • Department: Marketing
  • Job Title: G.Manager
  • Telephone:
  • Mobilephone:
  • Fax Number:
  • Zip/Post Code: 212300

Related Product

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  • Eyeglasses lens
  • CR39 Semi Finished Polarized Lens
  • CR39 Semifinished Lens
  • Glass 1.523 Lens
  • Glass 1.523 Flat Top Bifocal Lens
  • 1.499 Flat SunLens
  • 1.61 Optical Lens
  • 1.56 Optical Lens
  • 1.56 Photochromic Round Top Bifocal Lens
  • Glass 1.70 Lens
  • Glass Photochromic Lens
  • CR39 Round Top Bifocal Lens
  • optical Lens
  • 1.499 Progressive Lens
  • 1.56 Photochromic Flat Top Lens
  • 1.56 Photochromic optical Lens danyang
  • PC Sunglasses Lens
  • CR39 Lens
  • Eyeglass lens
  • Danyang Glasses lens
  • Photochromic Lens
  • PC Polarized Lens
  • CR39 Polarized Lens
  • CR39 Progressive Lens
  • TAC Polarized lens
  • CR39 Mirror Sunlens
  • Tac Polarized Lens (uv400)
  • TAC Polarized Lens (revo color)
  • 1.67 Optical Lens
  • CR39 SunLens
  • 1.56 Photochromic Flat Top Bifocal Lens
  • 1.56 Progressive Lens
  • Prescription rx lens (1.499,1.56,1.591,1.61,1.67 index)
  • CR39 Sunglasses Lens
  • 1.67 ASP Optical Lens

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