• Cobrazil Industria e Comercio Ltda

    We are an importation company of digital cameras. We are distributor of Aiptek Company from Taiwan for Brazil and Latin America.We want to work with others products besides digital cameras.

    Address:Av.Carneiro da Fontoura, 776 Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do SulBusiness type:Distributor/Wholesaler

  • Pequita Sports

    PEQUITA SPORTS SYSTEMS is a company located in Brazil. has 22 years of experience the Brazilian market working with sports equipment. We always take pride offering best quality, good prices and on-time delivery. works lot products ...

    Address:Av. João Samaha, 1047 - São José Batista Belo Horizonte, Minas GeraisBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Oliveira Imports

    vendas aparelhos importados, Your main products are good keywords. Separate each keyword with a comma.ex) Bracelets, Pendants, Belts, Gifts ...

    Address:av. bh 776 uberlandia, minasBusiness type:Trading Company

  • TradeCorp Intl. Ltda

    Importer Company, mostly from OEM-ODM projects.We are from Brasil.We are looking for OEM manufacturers for Titanium Diaphragm with voice-coil.

    Address:R.Dr Anternor Soares Gandra, 342 Jundiai, SPBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Tectelcom

    We are distributor of sattelite receiver and audio/videio equipments. We are situated in Sao Jose dos Campos-SP - Brazil.

    Address:BrazilBusiness type:Others

  • Grandfavor Trading Ltd

    We are a company of international scale, established in Hong Kong and with units Shenzhen (China), Sao Bento do Sul (Brazil) Valencia (Spain), acting representation distribution various types products services.Among our ...

    Address:Rua Michael Witt, Sao Bento do Sul, SC, BrazilBusiness type:Trading

  • Double Tecnology

    Pmp Mp4 with camerasDvd PortablesPmp Mp4 with camerasDvd PortablesPmp Mp4 with camerasDvd Portables

    Address:Av. Dr Francisco Munhoz Filho São Paulo, Business type:Distributor/Wholesaler

  • Exim Comercio Exterior Ltda

    We are a brazilian trading looking for seed oils suppliers to deliver all around the world. We buy only from producers.

    Address:Siqueira Campos 1184, Porto Alegre, RS, BrazilBusiness type:Trading


    Leading business in the heart of region North Brazil, with more than 8 years tradition, our company sell to most north and northeast markets Brazil. We have agents each state on those who can products monthly. ...

    Address:PASS. DO SOL, 297, ANANINDEUA, PARA, BrazilBusiness type:Distributors/Wholesalers

  • Modenams Equipamentos Eletronicos

    We have great interest to accomplish partnerships with company specialized in electronic of automotivo and residential type DVD, PS2, PS3, among others electronic in the generality.

    Address:Senador Antonio Jorge machado de Lima 400, Curitiba, Parana, BrazilBusiness type:Trading

  • Comercial New Company Ltda

    distributing company of electronic components, instruments ,Batteries, it imports / exports,we have interest in partners to distribute your products Brazil and Latin americaAttention :interested gentlemen partner product ...

    Address:1374 Voluntarios da Patria  Sao Paulo, Sao PauloBusiness type:Distributor/Wholesaler

  • Colet Networking

    we are reseller of eletronics,games, sport shoes,Motherboard,Mouse to game,Playstation3, consoles,Mp3,Mp4, CD player car,Laptops.We want buy thousands monthly,but need competitive price(Usually pay 60% duane tax import)At ...

    Address:Av.Mor Gouveia,1974/211, Natal, RN, BrazilBusiness type:Distributors/Wholesalers

  • Paulo Comerci


    Address:rua sinimbu,412 apt. 101 são cristovão, rio de janeiro, rio de janeiro, BrazilBusiness type:Manufacturing

  • Retok Digital

    Our company mainly trapped by warmth and fidelity in their commitments. Always striving for customer satisfaction.

    Address:Cida Nova 4 - WE 31, 1 C - Coqueiro Ananindeua, Par�Business type:Trading Company

  • Frugtel Service

    We saler amplifier mobile, horn cellular phone,conventional telehone wireless with 90 km transmission

    Address:California street n 09Business type:Manufacturer, Distributor/Wholesaler

  • Www.Tudolivre.Com

    many product eletronic and many consumer prudect and telecom prducts cel to brasil and argantina and blivia and urguay and chili

    Address:rua edmudo foz, paranaBusiness type:Trading Company

  • efraim vendas

    the efraim sales and an online company, which operates in the Brazilian market, exporting the best products of Brazil to the world.

    Address:Sergio Henrique, n 15Business type:Distributor/Wholesaler

  • Sinteck

    Address:Rua dos Bolivianos, 578Business type:Trading Company

  • Summa Export & Import Ltda.

    summa trading operates from Manaus (Brazil) and was founden in2005. Summa Ltd also acts as a representative in Brazil for other companies the world. Our main activitie is export of fine woods floors. We have foods exports department. ...

    Address:rua Acre, Manaus, Amazonas, BrazilBusiness type:Trading

  • depositopcom

    Address:r2n6Business type:Manufacturer, Distributor/Wholesaler

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