Carpoly Chemical Group Co., Ltd.

Company Description

Welcome to Carpoly Chemical Group Co., Ltd., where beautiful paint with an unsurpassed purity and depth of color come together to create exquisite interiors and exteriors alike.

Carpoly has been making beautiful paint in a range of over 1000 colors in Jiangmen, China one batch at a time, since the company was founded in 1999. From our humble origins as a small, family-owned business, the company rapidly established a reputation for its range of traditional and modern paint finishes of high quality at reasonable prices, which won it important contracts for the supply of paint to numerous high-profile contracts such as the Beijing National Stadium (also know as the Bird's nest) and the Beijing CCTV Building.

The success and recognition that Carpoly has garnered over the years can be directly attributed to the caliber of Carpoly team members. It is their unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, value and performance that has been the backbone of the company's success. Due to our steadfast maintenance of our product, recognition of changing technologies, proactive responses to the needs of our customers and continued commitment to innovation, research and development of new products, Carpoly has steadily become an industry leader in the Chinese paint market, with an annual growth of more than 20% in sales since 2002. Today, Carpoly is a multi-billion dollars (in RMB) company, with more than 1400 distributors and 12000 sales point in China. Its growing sales network makes it more convenient for its customers to acquire our paints, and enable Carpoly paints to grace the walls of some of the most beautiful homes across China.

Furthermore, since 2009, Carpoly has started to expand into other areas of the world one step at a time, including Hong Kong, South-East Asia, Central Asia, Africa, Middle-East and look forward to bringing the Carpoly difference of unparalleled quality, innovation, value and performance to homes and offices across the world.

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  • Contact Person: Ms. Susan Huang
  • Department: Sales
  • Job Title: Sales Manager
  • Telephone:
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  • Zip/Post Code: 529085

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