B2b Diamond Industrial Co., Limited

Company Description

We are stone machines and stone tools supplier from Hong Kong and we has had more than ten year experience in this industry.
Our Stone processing machines, such as bridge cutting machine, infrared bridge saw machines, line polishing machines, router machines, edge profile machines, CNC waterjet machines, single and muti wire saw machine, CNC machinery center, special shaped cutter machine, ect. .
We can supply all kinds of diamond tools:
1. Diamond saw blade (laser welded blades, cold press sintered blades, hot press sintered blades and silver brazed blades)
2. Turbo blades (both hot press and cold press, also super thin turbo is available)
3. Diamond flexible polishing pad, floor polishing pad, hand polishing pad, diamond sheet, etc. . . . .
4. Tuck point blade for granite and for concrete (laser welded and cold press are our strong points) , double tuck point blade
5. Diamond grinding wheel (single row, double row and turbo type)
6. Core bit, Vacuum brazed diamond tools, router bits, profile wheels
7. Electroplated diamond blades
8. Tct saw blades for wood
Also we are abrasive supplier
1. Grinding stone, grinding wheel
2. Sand paper discs (psa, velcro disc)
3. Abrasive cloth roll, abrasives paper roll, abrasive paper sheet and abrasive sanding belt
4. Cutting disc, cutting wheel etc. . .
5. Flap wheel with shaft
6. Flap disc and fiber disc
For other tools for construction, we have:
1. Chemicals like marble adhesives, marble glue, marble wax, pigment & coloring paste, silicone sealant, etc. . .
2. Metal rod, steel bar
3. Air polisher machine, air angle grinder, etc. . . . . .
Any interested parties are welcomed to Hong Kong for business negotiations.

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  • Contact Person: Mr. Jackie Lion
  • Job Title: Owner/Entrepreneur
  • Telephone:
  • Fax Number:
  • Zip/Post Code: 852

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