• Temac Automotive A.S.

    TEMAC Automotive a.s. from Czech Republic, producer of CHG cylinder engine sealing gaskets, sandwich and metalic pressed parts different modifications shapes for Powertrain / Exhaust Emission Control Pump Climat systems are used ...

    Address:Nymburska 53 Zverinek, NymburkBusiness type:Manufacturer

  • Intermediating Information Service

    We want buy a spruce timber and we sell car accesories. We have a real estate for sell in Czech Republic

    Address:Fr. namesti 6 Cheb, Business type:Agent

  • BIAGINNI s.r.o.

    Dear Friends,We are young, but dynamic company from Europa Union, export and import for scooters,motorcycles,ATVs go-carts with EEC/COC certificates fro markets also DOT cert. US markets. Our prices is CIF your delivery port. ...

    Address:Dobrovskeho 4910 Chomutov, Business type:Trading Company

  • AGP Group

    AGP Group is interesting in the wholesale waste disposers from USA to Czech republic. We are looking for producers of motorcycles with EEC Homologations in China, Tchaiwan and Korea.

    Address:8. pesiho pluku 81 Fryde-Mistek, Business type:Trading Company

  • Jan Kokos

    computersI know this product will be advertised massively soon, and the stock is doomed to boom in nearest future.Check it out right now! Look at chart !Read all news:Contracts with Saudi airlines Airone Place! ...

    Address:Horni dolni 23 Prag, Business type:Distributor/Wholesaler

  • Ramissio

    We are Ramissio based in Czech Republic, Republic. member of TradeKey.com since July, 2012. Our business is related to Health & Medicines industry and we specifically deal Biolamp Solaris. Please find our product details ...

    Address:Krivanky 682/12c, Czech Republic, Other, Czech RepublicBusiness type:Exporters

  • HF Partners

    HF partners is experienced company with international business relationships. We offer a perfect solution for all companies from over the world and mainly Chinese who are looking reliable partner.We focused on market which offers ...

    Address:Fillova 13, Brno, Czech RepublicBusiness type:Agents

  • Bs Chladice

    BS Chladice is a manufacturing company for brazed aluminium heat exchangers. Our current range or products includes water, air, and oil coolers, heating bodies elements, various combinations water-air, the automotive industry ...

    Address:Decin Bynovec 11 Decin, Business type:Manufacturer


    We produce ReInkfill cartridges for every printer.We can produce 20 000 pieces per month.Also we are looking for long-term contracts for buying woodpellets.

    Address:5. kvetna 137, Lisov, Czech Republik, Czech RepublicBusiness type:Trading

  • Kopacek

    we are tuning wholesaler/distributor for Skoda tuning/OEM parts selling products all over the europe.

    Address:3, Hredle, Czech Republic, Czech RepublicBusiness type:Distributors/Wholesalers

  • Hana Hodanova

    We are a Czech company which produce designed clothes - especially silky. make our own design, each product is hand-painted and we never more than one piece of model. usually silky ties, scarfs, dresses, tunics, xxxxx able to create ...

    Address:Vychodni 5, Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic, Czech RepublicBusiness type:Manufacturing

  • SYMBOL, *****

    We offer apartments, villas and other properties in Czech a Slovak Reepublic, we offer general agency for your bussines in Europe as well

    Address:Jana Ruzicky 1143, Praha 4, Czech Republic, Czech RepublicBusiness type:Trading

  • Timex Trade Sro

    We are an import firm and wholesaler with security products. We are looking for suppliers of key blanks, car keys, transponders, devices for automotive xxxxx

    Address:Ceskych bratri 1206, Rychnov n. Kn., Czech republic, Czech RepublicBusiness type:Distributors/Wholesalers

  • LPG Group

    Founded by a team with years of experience in the GPL sector LPG Group is engaged daily pursuit continuing Italian tradition this field.We deliver 100% original and high quality products as well great service on time delivery always 1st. ...

    Address:Ozzano Emillila, Bologna, Other, Czech RepublicBusiness type:Manufacturing

  • Starbikes

    Starbikes is young company with meny good ideas, we are people who love bikesand we wont all other people to love it xxxxx

    Address:nad privozem, prague, Czech RepublicBusiness type:Trading

  • FB COMPANY S.r.o.

    F&B COMPANY s.r.o. was founded in 1997 and among its main activities belong the production, installation repair of electronic telecommunication facilities whilst providing technical services for protecting property ...

    Address:Cajkovskeho 18, Olomouc, Czech Republic, Czech RepublicBusiness type:Manufacturing

  • TruckStore Prague

    Innovative business concept for used truck market. Wide range of all commercial vehicles. Currently 250 vehicles in stock and more than 10.000 vehicles within European TruckStore Network.

    Address:Oresska 94, Praha, Ceska republika, Czech RepublicBusiness type:Distributors/Wholesalers

  • Czech Auction Chomutov

    Dear business partners,We would like to introduce you our company. Czech auction Chomutov *****, dealing with on-line auctions of all and any personal estate real estateWe are focused previously on clearance sale the whole firms their ...

    Address:Libusina 4778, Chomutov, Czech RepublicBusiness type:Trading

  • Aneri Trading Co.

    we are now looking for producer/distributer of truck additional fuel tanks as spare parts for heavy trucks of european production

    Address:Pob 13 Prague, Business type:Trading Company

  • Autorent Co., Ltd.

    Export/Import trading firm with wide business area, particularly we trade with used truck, semitrailers and construction machinery.

    Address:Belgicka 400 Jablonec nad Nisou, Business type:Trading Company

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